LG, the premier leader in consumer electronics and home appliances, is once again recognised for its diverse products and efforts in enriching the lives of our consumers across the globe.

In yet another impressive feat, the company has risen to the 25th spot in the huge annual survey of corporate reputation — the 2018 Harris Poll Reputation Quotient® Rankings, reaffirming its position as a brand recognised and well-loved by the general public. LG also secured the 4th position in the Products & Services category under the ‘Top Companies by Corporate Reputation Dimension’ banner.

This is a momentous moment worth celebrating, as LG was not present in the top 100 visible list last year. Amongst competitors and global giants from different sectors, LG has taken the lead this time.

The Reputation Quotient® (RQ®) conducted by The Harris Poll is designed to identify the 100 most visible companies recognised by consumers and measures these brands based on their reputation in six different categories: Emotional Appeal, Products & Services, Social Responsibility, Vision & Leadership, Workplace Environment, and Financial Performance.

The annual RQ® has been conducted since 1999, and is widely considered as the gold standard for measuring consumers’ goodwill towards a brand.

This prestigious achievement represents the acknowledgement of loyal consumer endorsement and confidence, and serves as the driving force for us to continue developing innovative products and deliver excellent customer service, for the betterment of our customers’ lives.

For more information on the RQ®, please visit https://theharrispoll.com/reputation-quotient/.