LG Display, the world’s leading innovator of display technologies, will discuss OLED technology leadership at the OLEDs World Summit 2016, which is being held at Paradise Point Resort & Spa in San Diego, California, from September 20 to 22.

Hosted by the OLED Association, the summit is an annual event that gathers together academics, researchers and industry experts from around the world to review OLED technology, industry trends and outlook. In its 18th year, the summit will highlight three themes – flexible display applications (rollable/foldable), OLED TV and other displays, and challenges for OLED materials for displays and lighting materials.

Dr. Jang-Jin Yoo, a research fellow of the Picture Quality Development Department at LG Display, will make a presentation on the superior picture quality of OLED TV, and highlight the emissive OLED display as the next generation display.

LG Display will also discuss how OLED offers picture quality superiority in four areas, including black expression, High Dynamic Range (HDR), color contrast, and viewing angle. In addition, the company will showcase the excellence in picture quality achieved by emissive OLED display through an on-site demonstration of the latest 65-inch Ultra HD OLED TV.

OLED is known to achieve perfect black with each pixel turning on and off without the need for backlights and liquid crystals which are required for LCD. LG Display will show how this unbeatable black color quality in OLED is achieved under any condition, compared with a non-emissive LCD display where the black level changes depending on surrounding colors.

LG Display will also compare OLED, which covers 60% of HDR signal thanks to a 200 times higher black level, to LCD that only covers 40% of HDR signal even with brightness of 1000nit. The company will highlight OLED’s differentiated superiority and prove its suitability for HDR.

Dr. Soo-Young Yoon, Vice President of R&D Laboratory at LG Display, said, “To be chosen to make a presentation of OLED’s technology superiority in front of the industry gathered at the summit is an acknowledgement of LG Display’s leading-edge technology.” He added, “Considering the potential based on its structural advantage and superior picture quality, it is undeniable that OLED represents the next generation of displays, and with its unbeatable technology, LG Display aims to lead the market.”

During the event, LG Display will showcase 65-inch concave and convex OLED displays in a separate visitor booth outside of the conference room.

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