Agreement to Help Increase OLED TV’s Premium Brand Image
and Expand Market Already Dominated by LG

LG Electronics (LG) today announced that the company will produce OLED TVs in partnership with Bang & Olufsen, the Danish premium consumer electronics company.

In this partnership, Bang & Olufsen will leverage its unique competencies in design and acoustics with LG’s leadership in OLED technology to jointly develop a new OLED TV expected to be sold next year under the Bang & Olufsen brand. LG’s advanced TV technology including OLED TV and its webOS smart TV platform will help Bang & Olufsen create a new premium-tier OLED TV line with high-end sound systems.

Bang & Olufsen’s OLED TV plans complement LG’s mass-premium branding strategy and will help to expand the OLED TV category created by LG. The partnership also involves collaborations in other areas such as possible future licenses.

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