LG introduces world’s first air conditioner that repels mosquitoes with ultrasonic wave technology

Recent findings by the Health Ministry indicated that dengue cases have significantly increased over the years. In line with this development, LG hopes to mitigate the occurrence of dengue cases with the introduction of LG Mosquito Away Air Conditioner.

In Malaysia, mosquitoes are regarded as dangerous pests. Interestingly enough, only the females of the species feed on blood, whereas the males are not dangerous to humans as they only feed on the nectar of flowers. Due to the humid conditions of our environment, the prevalence of inclement weather helps mosquitoes to breed efficiently where eggs are deposited in puddles or standing water.

The Health Ministry reported 38,517 cases and 120 deaths as of April 25 this year, compared to 28,814 cases and 66 deaths for the same period last year, an increase of 9,703 cases (33.7%) and 54 deaths (81.8%). Selangor records the highest number of dengue cases and the number of cases are increasing on a daily basis.

Dengue fever is transmitted when a female Aedes Aegypti mosquito bites an infected person and then bites someone else. Symptoms appear within 3 to14 days. Classic symptoms of dengue fever include a severe, flu-like illness – Institute for Medical Research by Ministry – http://www.imr.gov.my/en/highlights-featured-articles/1119-gm-aedes-aegypti-research-v2.html.

Under such conditions, mosquitoes are indeed a nuisance or annoyance that is difficult to avoid. With the advent of modern day technology, ultrasonic pest repellents are now seen as a healthier option as opposed to traditional mosquito coils and liquids that emit toxic fumes.

A Safer Way – Ultrasonic Repellent

To help reduce dengue cases and create a safer environment for families, LG launched Malaysia’s first Mosquito Away Air Conditioner that repels mosquitoes with its ultrasonic technology, without the use of any harmful chemicals. The Mosquito Away Air Conditioner has a speaker which generates inaudible ultrasonic waves at a frequency between 30 kHz – 100 kHz when the Mosquito Away function is switched on. Additionally, LG ultrasonic waves frequency repels mosquito in within a coverage area of 33m₃ (under 27 Celsius room temperature). The ultrasonic waves together with inverter air cooling innovation helps reduce the temperature and moisture in the environment and ensure mosquitoes are efficiently dispersed. Consumers can now sleep better with LG’s Mosquito Away Air Conditioner.

According to scientific information and experimental evidence, animals and insects respond to various ultrasonic sound frequencies. Small mammals like dogs and cats respond to 22-25 kHz ultrasonic sound waves and avoid them. Only, insects like mosquitoes, house flies and cockroaches respond to 30-44 kHz ultrasonic sound waves. Therefore, it is also harmless to human ear because it is not sensitive to ultrasound as the eardrum cannot vibrate at such high frequencies – www.electroschematics.com/3864/ultrasound-and-insects/ .

Certified Safe for Use and Reliable

LG’s Mosquito Away Air Conditioner is certified by Germany’s TÜV NORD (www.tuv-nord.com) and recommended for use by consumers. LG’s Mosquito Away Air Conditioner’s clever system represents a clean and safe alternative to dangerous chemical-based insecticides and repellents. The efficacy of LG’s technology has been certified by Intertek, the International Product Testing and Inspection Company headquartered in London, the United Kingdom, and the International Institute of Bio-Technology and Toxicology (IIBAT), which is based in India.

LG’s innovative ultrasonic wave technology has been declared ‘safe for use’ by Germany’s TÜV NORD while the European Commission has conferred its CE product conformity mark on the Mosquito Away System in recognition of its electrically-safe design. Conveniently, this mosquito-repelling function can be turned on independently of cooling with its inverter compressor; helping prevent unnecessary energy usage.

The Mosquito Away Air Conditioner not just keeps mosquitoes away but also keeps the home cool and clean. LG’s Inverter V air conditioner is equipped with BLDC compressor that boosts the performance of the air conditioner while saving energy. The air conditioner is powered by LG active Energy Control function whereby consumers can now choose their own preferred energy consumption mode. Furthermore, the micro dust filter powered by 3M technology cleans the air by employing a strong electro static charge to trap harmful microscopic substance resulting to a cleaner home.

*For more information on the new LG Mosquito Away Air Conditioner, visit www.lg.com/my/home-air-conditioners