Have you ever wondered why stars shine brightest in the darkest hour, or why theaters strive for pitch-black? If so, LG’s OLED lineup will give you the answer, since it shines even brighter this year with the latest OLED TV marvel.

LG’s new OLED TV lineup, with self-lighting pixels, reaches the realm of pure black that no other TVs can deliver. With a greater sense of realism and depth, witness the glitter of a shining star and most vibrant colors only attainable in the deepest black.

The recipient of numerous internationally recognized awards, LG OLED TVs not only offer the most advanced OLED TV technology with perfect mastering engine, but also the elegant sophistication of LG’s Art Slim design philosophy. We invite you to explore the ‘Next Generation TV’ with infinite contrast ratio only delivered by LG OLED TVs.

The Next Generation TV with Infinite Contrast Ratio

LG’s OLED TV lineup boasts 33 million sub-pixels with an infinite contrast ratio and lifelike perfect colors that are virtually indiscernible from those found in nature. Each OLED self-lighting pixel turns on and off on its own in order to exhibit the richest details in a surreal picture quality that was never thought imaginable. As the TV’s pixels switch off completely when reproducing black, absolute black levels are achieved with no light bleed at all. Thanks to the screen’s self-lighting pixels, perfect blacks and perfect colors are provided as well as a fast response rate that effectively eliminates motion blur.

Perfect Black Creates Perfect Color

What truly makes LG OLED TV the ‘Next Generation TV’ is indeed its infinite contrast ratio, which enables perfect blacks and perfect colors. Just like how theatres strive to achieve pitch-black darkness and dazzling stars tinkle the brightest in the darkest hour, LG OLED TV said goodbye to the backlights of the past and introduced self-lighting pixels to reach the realm of pure black. With perfect black, we can now depict subtle details in the blackest spots and every colors all the more vivid when set against a backdrop of perfect black. In addition, LG’s Perfect Mastering Engine optimizes the settings of the TV to boost picture quality to premium levels and also can upscale SD, HD or Full HD content to near-4K quality.

Floating Art Slim Design Concept for Restrained Elegance

Along with remarkable picture quality, achieved via a curved OLED display with 4K resolution, LG’s OLED TV’s Art Slim design combines function and fashion in order to bring you convenience and elegance. You can now enjoy a whole new level of immersion and style with the almost-borderless display and the seamless merging of screen and stand. In 2015, LG’s new OLED TV model received numerous internationally recognized awards for the company’s design philosophy to create the slimmest TV possible. While the 65EF9800 and 65EG9600 both received the iF design award 2015, the 77EG9900 and 65EF9800 were recognized as the Best of the Best and Winner of the reddot design award, respectively.

Freed from backlights, an unprecedented level of realism with mesmerizing new colors can now be seen on LG OLED TV’s display. LG OLED TV, the first and only TV that achieves prefect black and perfect color with its self-lighting pixels, is truly the TV of the future.

To find out more about LG’s latest range of LG OLED TVs, visit http://www.lg.com/my/oled-tvs