Over the years, consumers have seen various refrigerators in the market. However, one that stands out from the rest is a refrigerator that maintains freshness of food and beverages and at the same time being cost efficient.

The rising cost of living has been consumers’ primary concern. Consumers are being prudent and looking for smarter alternatives to ensure their money is well spent. Therefore, choosing a right refrigerator is essential because it is one of the technologies that operate 24 hours daily.

A modern day refrigerator is very different from the one’s we usually find in our grandparents’ home. For example, an old refrigerator has a higher noise level, prone to leakages and lower level of coolness. It is great news for consumers that LG has championed technologies that can make your refrigerator more efficient in terms of maintaining freshness, cost and environmental friendly.

To choose your refrigerator, consumers must need to focus on the following:

LG Door in DoorTM refrigerator is highly energy efficient.
LG Door in DoorTM promises value for all consumers. Its energy efficient feature received the highest recognition with 5 Star Energy rating by the Energy Commission Malaysia. This rating is developed to provide consumers with an easy way of comparing the energy efficiency of different refrigerator models.

To give consumers a perspective, a Door In DoorTM  only takes up an average of RM21 per month for electricity bills. This is a study that was done to showcase the operation cost of the LG refrigerator. Clearly, it showcases the energy efficiency that led to the award winning (5 Star rating) refrigerator.

Always look out for Inverter Linear CompressorTM
LG’s Inverter Linear CompressorTM is one of the most reputable innovations in the refrigerator market today. Not only proven for its performance, the new improved refrigerators works seamlessly in various conditions and climate. It works in a simplified manner whereby less process is involved resulting to lesser energy loss and lower noise level. The Inverter Linear CompressorTM found only in LG refrigerator saves energy up to 41%, which means lower electricity consumption and prioritises environmental friendly guidelines. The compressor has a 10 year warranty period, ensuring the peace of mind for the customers.

Inverter Linear Compressor technology works swiftly with reduced mechanical actions resulting to quieter all-around performance with less friction. Keep a look out for the LED lighting as well which means 5 times efficiency than the conventional bulb that helps reduce energy consumption.

The Benefit of being a Door In DoorTM
It’s a feature that not only shows sophistication but functionality. It is proven that kids and even adults tend to open a refrigerator frequently. When you come back from work or play, one of the immediate things you do is to go to the refrigerator for a cool refreshment. Door In DoorTM, an innovation owned by LG, is now 2.5 times wider, with bigger space to allow simplified access to your beverages.

Door In DoorTM addresses the element of quick access whereby the frequently visited section in the refrigerator is now even easier to go to. There is no longer clutter as your refrigerator is more organised. It means that frequently reached items like drinks and snacks are now separated from items like your vegetables and other food items. This is made possible as the Door In DoorTM has a magnetically sealed section that allows you to access the door to get your favourite snacks without opening the entire refrigerator.

Maintaining freshness and highest hygiene is a priority
With new features on the refrigerators today, food freshness is extended which also means less wastage, smarter groceries management and cost saving.

LG Door In Door™ Refrigerators addresses this issue with the reliable LG Hygiene Fresh+TM technology. The five different layers of filters and a deodorizer are designed to remove different items, such as dust, fungi spore, bacteria and odours. The filtration defence system ensures effective cleaning and provides clean air within the refrigerator. This worry free technology is invented to enrich the lives of consumers so that kids and loved ones can lead a healthy life.

Hygiene Fresh+TM eliminates 99.99% of harmful bacteria commonly found inside refrigerators. The technology has been tested by Intertek, a worldwide product safety and quality assurance testing body.

With Moist Balance CrisperTM, a special lattice-type box cover which maintains optimum moist temperature for fresh and organic vegetables, maintaining their ‘from the field’ freshness longer.

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