The modern day television evolution took place in the 20th century and now it bridges to the 21st century. Consumers may have seen the glory days of the CRTs however it is close to obsolete. LCD TVs emerged as a replacement, but over the years discerning consumer wanted better picture delivery which led to the introduction of LED TVs.

Today is the age of UHD TVs and its only superior if the element of SUPER is part of it. So, what is SUPER? It means adding a booster that guarantees SUPER crispier delivery of pictures, SUPER sleeker design and a SUPER smarter machine. If you are selecting a TV, it’s only a TV if it’s SUPER.

SUPER Picture – Every colour come alive, satisfaction guaranteed
Delivering SUPER Picture is not as easy as it seems. It is part of a detailed R&D that enables immersive viewing experience. TVs needs to be compatible in order to present high resolution content which is 4K friendly. Example will be the 4K IPS panels that support multiple viewing angles, equally dispersing of colours and high definition content delivery leading to truly premium and cinema-like experience.

With superior delivery of pictures, it also means that the SUPER UHD TV must be visual friendly. Low blue light emissions are great for the viewer’s eyes. The TV is now safer for all your family good needs.

SUPER Design – Stylish and detailed representation
The TV looks great even when not in use, which sits well in the centre of the living room. Designed to be compact and beautiful with the almost razor thin, 8.5mm* ULTRA Slim display. All of the excellent display features are packed into a superb CINEMA SCREEN design with an ultra-thin bezel.

LG’s SUPER UHD TV is also supported by the Auditorium Stand, which perfectly complements the overall look of the television. The stand even enhances the audio of the TV by functioning as a sound reflector to centralize the sound output.

SUPER Smart – The internet age is simplified
Keeping it trendy is part of the SUPER element. As we move towards the digital age, SUPER UHD TVs will be your trendy partner. Operating with LG’s webOS 2.0 Smart TV user interface, enables fast switching, new quick settings and video content able to carry out additional content searches without interrupting the current viewing.

With SUPER Smart the TV is now an interactive innovation. From getting your daily dose of info, updating your social media status or streaming videos is simplified. Engineered with humanized operating system, smart surfing is just a click away.

SUPER Picture, SUPER Design and SUPER Smart
There are many TVs in the market however keeping in mind the PDS rule is important – Picture, Design and Smart as outlined by LG. Consumers wouldn’t go wrong whilst keeping the PDS rule in mind before selecting any TV. So, get to know your TV before selecting one – It’s only a TV if it’s SUPER.

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