Washing has been part of our daily routine, ages before plumbing and washer technologies were developed. Our ancestral mothers went through and mastered various methods of clothes washing. Today, with innovations and improved technologies, we are given that opportunity to take time off and spend it doing more valuable activities with our loved ones.

LG is committed to enrich consumers’ experience especially mothers. Time is essential and having mothers bogged down with piles of laundry is just distasteful. The new washing machine series by LG simplify the laundry process which guarantees clean clothes, no tiring or additional steps and value for money.

LG’s front-load washing machines have been recognized all over the world for their outstanding reliability and durability by leading consumer magazines from Spain (OCU-Compra Maestra), Italy (Altroconsumo) and Australia (Choice). A leading U.S. consumer magazine rated LG’s front-loaders as most reliable for six consecutive years through 2014. Germany’s Association for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies (VDE) and other consumer organizations have also recognized LG’s front-loaders for their durability.

No pre wash whatsoever!
Only conventional washing machines require pre wash. LG has managed to address this concern of pre-washing by introducing improved stain care technology. LG’s 60C heating system and steam care options doesn’t require pre wash anymore. Consumers will no longer need to worry about removing tough coffee or juice stains. The heater located below the inner tub increases water temperature to dissolve detergents, conveniently get rid of allergens and hard stains with optimum washing performance.

The rinse cycle enables clean water to be sprayed directly on clothes through the Jet Spray NozzleTM. It saves 27.5 % of water usage as well as 17.1% less time spent per cycle. LG’s Full Stainless Steel TubTM is more effective to control bacteria growth than conventional plastic tub washer. A plastic tub is outdated and consumers’ hygiene is LG’s upmost priority. A stainless steel tub is a more advanced feature that results to a more hygienic wash.

Indulge Your Fabric Delicately
LG’s 6 Motion technology provides an optimized wash for every type of fabric and delivers a powerful washing performance with fewer wrinkles and less damage. The 6 Motion Direct DriveTM is able to perform various drum motions or a combination of different motions depending on the selected wash programme. Therefore enabling clean and uncompromised clothes with every wash!

The 6 Motion Direct DriveTM encapsulates six types of washing motion namely – stepping, tumbling, filtration, rolling, swing and scrubbing. Clothes are cleaned thoroughly without damaging the materials. This process also benefits toddlers whereby it is sensitive to their skin and parents need not to worry about it.

Lighter Monthly Energy Bills
By eliminating the belt and pulley in conventional washer motors, Inverter Direct DriveTM technology by LG increases the motors stability and lessens vibrations. This increases durability of Inverter Direct Drive Motors, which translates to lower maintenance costs. It makes the motor more energy efficient, long lasting and value for money. The centre of the drum is more durable and maintenance free due to the absence of belt usage to drive the motor.

Additionally, without the traditional belt and pulley the Inverter Direct Drive Motor allows direct power transfer onto the drum resulting in lesser energy loss due to less friction points.

Innovation for a Better Life
LG Electronics pays attention to customer’s need, innovative technologies created for better quality of life. Revolutionised technologies made to serve our customers, providing convenience that enables less time spent on cumbersome household chores that enables more time spent with family. The new line of award winning LG Washing Machines is notably the perfect gift for moms this mother’s day celebration.

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