When it comes to a ‘display’, people generally think of a rectangular-shaped TV or monitor, but LG Display took a groundbreaking step by presenting a new display with innovative design. Here are the circular displays recently showcased by LG Display.

Changes in Display, Circular Display

Deformation refers to the transformation or the disfiguration of standard forms of an original product. Deformed display refers to the displays with transformed shapes as circle or diamond.

As deformed displays are manufactured in diverse forms, refining the outline of the product during processing is especially important. After paneling on a rectangular frame, final outline of a product is framed with a specially equipped cutting machine, and then processed through thorough scribing and grinding. Along with the outline cutting, arranging a properly fitted internal pixel circuit is also very important. The circular watch-style device features the ultra-thin that could satisfy customers’ stylistic taste.

More than just a watch, G Watch R!

G Watch R, recently announced by LG Display, is the world’s first wearable device with a circular display. ‘R’ of the G Watch R refers to the circular display of the watch with a digital screen of perfect circular shape.

Slim and light metal face with a circular Plastic OLED and natural leather strap jointly contribute to the device’s luxurious appearance. The device features wide viewing angle that grasps studding image clarity from any angle and superb high visibility for the first time as a wearable device.

LG’s G Watch R is equipped with Google Now, which enables searching by voice commanding without touching the screen and sending/managing mails. The watch is also preloaded with Heart Rate Monitor Sensor and LG health and fitness applications that check wearers’ health.

Preloaded with the Power Save Mode (PSM), which can display on screen with the same resolution without direct energy supply, G Watch R can light the screen for 24 hours with minimum energy with the ‘Always-On’ technology. Also, certified with the IP67 level, the watch can be submerged in one meter of water for up to 30 minutes, and dirt on surfaces can be easily washed.

The product features 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, 410mAh battery, Android Wear operating system that works on all smartphones over Android 3.4 version, 512MB/4GB internal memory, 1.3 inch Plastic OLED (320×320), 9-Axis (Gyro/Accelerometer/Compass), Barometer, PPG and black color.

The smarter and upgraded G Watch R will be launched in the global smartwatch market from 4Q this year.

25 pioneers who made the world’s first circular P-OLED display out of nothing

Behind this innovative item were ceaseless efforts and passion of LG Display’s employees. Chief Research Engineer Sang-Moo Song and Senior Research Engineer Dae-Sung Jung are the key members who developed the circular display.

Q: What made LG Display develop the circular display? Can you share the background and the purpose of the development?

A (Chief Research Engineer Sang-Moo Song): As wearable market is emerging in this new business area, we felt an urgent need to follow the trend. This demand led us to incorporate a more concrete plan to differentiate us from the other competitors. We wanted to appeal to the customers with a circular display while competitors were merely focusing on developing the standard quadrangle-shaped displays.

Q: What was the most difficult part when developing the circular display?

A. (Senior Research Engineer Dae-Sung Jung): The most challenging part of developing the product was making the perfect circular shape from the standard rectangular-framed panels. We needed to design and manufacture to make a perfect circular display throughout the overall processing technology, including razor scribing and razor creaming. In addition, we needed to create all including inner wiring design and outer design of TFT (Think Film Transistor) adoptable for a circular display, through which we repeated simulations in a bid to prevent manufacturing defective products.


Senior Research Engineer Dae-Sung Jung & Chief Research Engineer Sang-Moo Song

Q: Which efforts did you put when you were modelling the TFT in circular shape?

A (Senior Research Engineer Dae-Sung Jung): We have a vast experience and expertise in making the standard quadrangle-shaped LCD displays. However, as it was the first time to make a circular display, we had to start from making the basic rules as we were modelling the product.

Q: Smartwatch is recently emerging as the hottest wearable device. What makes G Watch R different from other products?

A (Chief Research Engineer Sang-Moo Song): The circular display, of course. Most of the smartwatches look like typical electronic devices with rectangular faces, but LG’s G Watch R is outstanding in terms of the design. In addition, with the plastic OLED panel, G Watch R features a superior visibility compared to G Watch, G Watch R does not have any exothermic reaction as well.

Q: How was the team atmosphere while developing the product?

A (Senior Research Engineer Dae-Sung Jung): Generally, we had a great teamwork. Surely, we faced challenges time to time that made us become sensitive, but we encouraged each other and stepped forward together.

Q: When did you feel the most accomplished?

A (Chief Research Engineer Sang-Moo Song): There was an episode. The display suddenly turned off when we changed the original modelling plan to fit the new design. When the display finally worked after several trials, I was very glad to see the light lit on the display. While about 300 research engineers generally participate in a project, we only had 25 members in our team, which made us busier and more burdened than other teams. However, even that made us feel more satisfied and accomplished when the product was finally made and the goal was achieved.

Next-generation display technology and new appearances of wearable devices make our lives smarter than before. LG Display is dedicated to accelerate the new era of display and continues to provide full support to their researchers trying to shift the paradigm in the display industry.

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