Couldn’t make it overseas for the big event? Need to share the TV command with your significant other (who’s not a fan of soccer)? Missed the golden goal moment because of an ill-timed bathroom break?

LG has been heralded with praise and appreciation for solving all the problems mentioned above! How? Well… it’s a fact that LG TVs are superior but we were able to show consumers how their great LG TVs can actually help them in such tough situations through clever visual guidelines. Facebook has been ablaze with the liking and sharing of these postings.

Even days after the conclusion of the worldwide sports event, LG TV’s soccer-themed Facebook posts are still liked and shared by many of our worldwide fans. More than 51,000 of our Facebook fans liked total of 670 Facebook posts related to soccer and shared their passion with us across 58 countries! In this post, we’re listing up the ‘best of the best’ visual image Facebook postings that saved an enormous number of soccer fans from pulling out their hairs during this important sports season.

LG TV in Moments of Worldwide Sports Events

TV—and the way we view it—has come a long way, thanks to LG’s unceasing efforts to push the boundaries of technology. And, lest we forget, the power behind this remarkable evolution is LG’s “desire to create a happier, better life.” LG understands your desire for richer viewing experience when watching major international sports events held every four to six years. This year, LG joined in celebrating the most awaited football season with LG ULTRA HD TV!

Feel the Passion of the Game at Home

Finally, in 2014, LG ULTRA HD TV has brought you right to the front-row seat with amazing 4K 3D+viewing experience. With LG ULTRA HD TV, you can feel the excitement of the stadium at home with 4 times the definition of Full HD that enhances everything you watch with precise detail. Who doesn’t want to experience the feeling of standing right next to world famous players at their best shining moments? It’s not too late—enjoy the true value of 4K on LG ULTRA HD TV.

Can’t See Anything, Can See Everything

Sure the live atmosphere cannot be compared with. BUT there’s merit in being able to enjoy all the comforts of home with a clear view throughout the entire game. IPS 4K Panel delivers life-like color from the comfort of your own living room from any angle no matter what you watch. No wonder industries such as the broadcasting or medical sectors have used LG IPS 4K Panel. The IPS 4K Panel raises the bar in both quality and accuracy of digital display, producing breathtakingly real color on 4K resolution.

We are One

In the world of sports, it is not all about winning. It is also about bringing people together regardless of which teams they cheer for. This is why LG offered a beautiful gathering point and a rush of adrenaline to all our soccer fans around the world with LG ULTRA HD TV. What a great bonding time it’s been for families and friends to gather around the television and fully immerse themselves in the sheer charisma of the game!

Save More with LG

So are you convinced yet that you actually did not miss out on anything this football season by not making a trip overseas? If anything, LG ULTRA HD TV saved you a fortune and here is why!

LG Supports Your Passion

LG was not only able to help our soccer fans worldwide enjoy the festivities to the fullest but was right alongside them throughout this very important season to support and wish their earnest dreams come true.

From bringing new and innovative technologies to uniting our millions of soccer fans, LG continues to support the beautiful experience that our fans all over the world are sharing at the moment!