Have you been searching for a TV that really satisfies your standard? Meet the display of your dream through LG OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) TV. Leading the new OLED TV series, the new addition, EC930T model presents incompatible picture quality that differentiates itself, taking a big leap forward from its previous generation. By introducing a new line-up of OLED TV, LG continues to redefine viewing experience with superior picture quality and is further expanding its industry-leading lineup of TVs with OLED technology.

Since LG became the first consumer electronics manufacturer to commercialize large-screen OLED TVs in 2013, LG has come a long way leading the future TV technology. Remarkably, LG’s commitment to OLED TV is already benefiting consumers with more affordable prices, better technology and the best viewing experience possible. In this post, we would like to provide you with a full brief on what the future TV technology has to offer in time with LG’s newest addition of LG OLED TV.

To see the extraordinary features of LG OLED TV, check out this video:

LG TV, with its future technology and unparalleled picture quality, has outdone itself with an innovation that provides flexible, portable, and transparent form of display. A whole new display technology is only possible in OLED with self-lighting pixels. The pixel dimming technology can literally shut off each pixel to prevent dimming. Then how does this work? Each pixel generates light itself and turns on and off independently. This can prevent dimming and also achieve never-seen-before black level while it enhances the depth and vitality of the colors.

The Ultimate Picture Quality

Equipped with LG’s WRGB OLED technology, LG OLED TVs provide arguably the best picture quality with life-like color. Offering world-class, jaw-dropping picture quality, LG OLED TV’s unique 4 Color Pixel presents natural expression of what is displayed on screen. OLED TVs can also offer a true black through self-lighting pixels that can control their own luminance. The OLED display technology results in a curved screen design with the best viewing angle and allows you to view your TV from any angle you want and there will be no distortion of contrast or color. Better yet, OLED TV also achieves response time that is over one thousand times faster than LED TV, offering blur-free and crystal-clear pictures even in fast motions.

Ultimate Design

First to introduce a curved OLED TV, LG not only offers a cutting-edge display but also an ultimate slender and stylish design with its gracefully curved and ultra-slim bezel. Carefully designed to elegantly fit into your modern stylish décor, it offers sophisticated style that is unlike anything you have seen before.

Additional Features of EC930T, Providing More Choices for Consumers

As you may understand now, LG OLED TV is truly a revolutionary technological innovation. In particular, the newest family of LG OLED TV, EC930T is even more incredible than we expected. It is a smart TV powered by webOS. The new webOS system boosts the load time and selection and makes the complex smart features simple and easy. The EC930T also features CINEMA 3D, which utilizes LG’s proprietary Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) technology to generate convincing 3D images without any distracting flicker or crosstalk. EC930T also offers the Magic Remote Control, which you can control the TV by getting the cursor working, then using the arrow that appears on the screen. The newest addition now offers voice recognition technology as well. You will be able to experience all of what EC930T has to offer and it is no longer just your dream as LG is offering an approachable option for the consumers who want to see the future of TV technology.

OLED TV is finally a reality. Thanks to the future technology of LG, it is truly amazing what this slim, superior display can offer you. Experience for yourself—premium entertainment experience taken to a whole-new level.

* The LG EC930T OLED TV is a new product coming soon to Malaysia. Expected date of arrival is not available.