Earlier this year at CES 2014, we premiered our greatest development ever: making Smart just purely SIMPLE and intuitive. While most Smart TV users agree that Smart features offered enhanced TV viewing experience, many still felt that the actual use of these functions can be overwhelmingly cumbersome.

Well, we hit the nail right on the head when we developed webOS – and many agreed with us at CES when we provided a short taste. In order to give TV connoisseurs a fuller experience in advance of its global rollout, we went ahead and invited some of our most discerning and authoritative critics to our lab in Silicon Valley. We bring you a sneak peek into what the top media experienced at LG’s Silicon Valley Lab.

The media’s initial review at the CES presentation had been positive already, but after their hands-on experience with webOS, the media was even more surprised at how smooth and simple the execution of webOS felt. Our intention to really “go back to the basics” captured the heart and interest of our critics. So today, we bring you some of the most informative feedback from one of the top critics in the US, Digital Trends, with excitement.

Before we get into the details, we’d like to share a short video clip by Digital Trends to give you the hands-on experience with webOS. When you hear what this critic has to say about webOS, you will then understand the reason behind our accomplishment of reaching the one million mark in just three months.

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As Digital Trends says, what makes LG’s webOS so special is its effortless simplicity. LG makes sure that the setup process for webOS is also simple and intuitive. The chronic problem of Smart TV was the ‘not-so-smart’ setup process. And LG nails down this problem. According to Digital Trends “webOS TV really is what Smart TV was always meant to be.”* By simply clicking animations and several buttons with user-friendly on-screen pointers, you can easily connect the device. From our previous posting on webOS, you will learn that BeanBird’s simple and fun setup process is easy to follow even for the most technology illiterate user.

If you are astonished by webOS’ simple easy setup, lest we forget, this is only a foretaste of what the critic has to say. The function we are about to introduce you, LG’s webOS Launcher really “sets the new standard for smart TV interfaces”*, according to Digital Trends.

Previously, it was a bit difficult to switch between smart services while you are watching a program as you need to go back and forth to the main menu. However, LG’s webOS Launcher allows you to simply switch between multiple applications and services while staying on the program you’re watching. By a simple click of the Home button, you can pick out contents, favorite apps and functions from the Launcher on the bottom of the screen. This allows you to switch back and forth between broadcasted programs and apps without exiting Live TV every time in order to access the main menu to navigate.

Featuring an intuitive user experience unmatched by any smart TV platform on the market today, LG Smart+ TV with webOS has not only impressed the critics but also our countless consumers around the globe as well. Consumers indeed appreciated the simplicity—more than one million units of webOS-enabled Smart TV have been sold since its launch in March, 2014. Having earned the official stamp of approval from Underwriters Laboratories and Intertek—international product testing and certification organizations—and attracted worldwide acclaim, it is then no surprise that ten million units are expected to be sold by the first half of 2015.

Even one of the US’ top critics from Digital Trends said “the verdict is in: webOS is awesome.”* So, what are you waiting for? Go check out LG’s new technology that will make your life simple, yet awesome!

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