The LG 65UB980T 65-inch ULTRA HD 4K TV was hailed by as the best 4K viewing experience compared to three other leading TV brands. In the June issue of, a Showdown was held to determine which one could provide the best viewing experience when watching the World Cup. LG emerged as the overall winner. highlighted that the features that made the LG 65UB980T the best entry for the Showdown were its six-level upscaling, colour balance and audio processing with its advanced imaging. The magazine also raved that LG managed to achieve the impossible by ensuring no pixel was lost through its sophisticated 4K scaling process. In addition, the vibrant colors and sound of the TV gave the reviewers a sense of being right in the stadium.

LG’s 65UB980T is one of the new line-up of 2014 ULTRA HD 4K TVs featuring the latest WebOS Smart TV platform that brings simplicity and user-friendliness to TV again.