From technology to fashion to entertainment, the beginning of any new year also brings with it a terrific opportunity to catch a glimpse at the latest and most exciting upcoming trends.At CES this year, where the newest technologies are showcased, we presented our latest innovations and product line-ups across various markets for 2014.Whether it’s LG’s mind blowing technology bringing TV images to life or a completely new way of approaching TV user interface, we have once again edged our name in TV industry history for our daring creativity and innovation for the betterment of your enjoyment!

Another mega-trend which LG has also pioneered and presented as a key technology this year is the new market of wearable technology.

In this post, we take a closer look at these trends.

TV Market Trend # 1 – The Chase for Compelling Picture Quality

Think about when you buy a new TV set. What’s the first factor you consider? It’s the picture quality, right? With richer and more diverse content from movies to games to interactive titles being produced in rapid succession, the demand for more compelling and lifelike TV picture quality to match has become that much the fiercer.

To meet demand and set the bar for what the next generation of TV picture quality will look like, LG raised the bar once more in TV picture quality by unveiling the newest ULTRA HD TV and OLED TV lineup at CES 2014. Needless to say, media as well as industry experts were simply blown away by our cutting-edge products.

For example, as CNET so eloquently phrased, LG has a “track record of being first to market with new technologies” and we sure did deliver once more! PC Mag, one of the most trusted consumer media outlets commented that, “The move to Ultra HD video is in full swing” and LG was right at the front, leading the industry.

LG was the first to successfully commercialize ULTRA HD TV technology, featuring 4X the resolution of Full HD, with an 84-inch ULTRA HD TV model introduced in August 2012. At CES 2013 in January, LG also added 55-inch and 65-inch models to the mix for the world’s first lineup of ULTRA HD TVs. In 2014, LG widened the horizon once more by leading the ULTRA HD TV market with a full lineup of models ranging in size from the world’s first 105-inch CURVED ULTRA HD TV (105UC9) to the more practical and affordable line. Needless to say, the comprehensive lineup of premium ULTRA HD TVs all deliver unmatched picture quality.

To add context to our advanced technology, LG has formed strategic alliances with domestic and international broadcast TV and cable companies to co-develop 4K content so that a wider audience can enjoy the incredible immersive qualities of 4K entertainment.

On the OLED TV frontier, LG achieved a major grand slam, having introduced its share of world firsts in the OLED TV space— flat, curved and now the world’s first 77 inch 4K Flexible OLED TV. What separates LG’s Flexible OLED TV from every other TV set in the world is that the display curvature can be changed using the TV remote to suit the viewer’s preference. The introduction of the Flexible OLED TV was showered with attention and praise for driving the evolution of television into the next generation. Oh, and by the way, as a standout even among LG’s latest products, the 77-inch model received the highly coveted Best of Innovations at the 2014 CES Innovations Awards.

As Engadget wrote in their review of their selected ‘best of CES 2014’ products, “a future filled with flexible living-room sets is certainly enticing.”

In addition, the expanded range of superbly crafted OLED TVs like the elegant GALLERY OLED TV and the CURVED OLED TV with its friendly environmental footprint, emphasize LG’s leadership in the next generation TV market.

TV Market Trend # 2 – Smarter UI with webOS 

As Smart TV technology comes of age, the ways in which users enjoy Smart TVs is rapidly diversifying. Leading media has already pointed out a few areas that they see as crucial to the future of smart – and LG is strategically leading the way.

Engadget wrote, “LG’s ported webOS to the big screen, and what a good idea that was.” The beauty of webOS is that it provides so much freedom, and is so simple to use.

It uses motion sensors in the remote to allow you to control an onscreen cursor by moving and pointing, and adds in a scroll wheel. The webOS platform is expected to greatly simplify the smart TV experience with the help of the Magic Remote.

LG’s webOS platform will introduce consumers to the smoothest, most convenient smart TV user experience yet. Making TV simple again, the exciting new platform represents the development and design expertise of LG’s innovative Smart TV division. webOS-based LG Smart TVs deliver a greater degree of freedom than previous TVs. For example, users can easily search and enjoy YouTube content or conduct an internet search while watching broadcast TV —all with just one or two clicks of the Magic Remote. In addition, the initial setup process is fun and easy to follow, without the normally cumbersome and complicated task of activating the TV.

To see how webOS makes TV simple once more, check out this video:

The operating system will be implemented in more than 70 percent of LG Smart TVs, starting in the first half of 2014. For those who want extra guidance will have access to BeanBird, an animated character that will help first timers get connected and walk the user through the setup process. Honestly though, this platform is so intuitive and uncomplicated that even the most tech-illiterate consumers will be able to enjoy a smooth and seamless operating system.

Wearable Technology Trend – Wearable Tech

Wearables were truly one of this year’s CES buzzwords. Among the wearables that were unveiled at CES 2014, LG’s werable technology ecosystem consisting of the LG Lifeband Touch and LG Heart Rate Earphones received particular attention. As a trend setter, LG combined core fitness tech with comfortable designs and compatibility with other devices.

LG Lifeband Touch and LG Heart Rate Earphones are ideal for monitoring personal wellness and achieving fitness goals. For those who find other company models to be clunky and unappealing, LG’s wearable fitness products look like bracelet and earphone accessories that pair with your everyday look.

Simply by wearing LG’s wearable technologies, you will be able to make the world your workout!

Huffington Post marked this industry as one to keep a close eye on and judging by the popularity of the gadgets already on the market, look for this category to explode even further as 2014 rolls on.

An Exciting 2014 Ahead!

So there you have it, three major trends to watch. It will be fascinating to see how these trends are reflected in real products and services released during the upcoming year and beyond. But for those who want a taste now, LG already has many great new products currently available and ready for you to explore!