What is the future that you have dreamed of?

When thinking of the future, don’t we all envision the scenes taken from a Sci-Fi film? In particular, we picture a future where robots and gadgets perform duties based on our commands and even going so far as to know what we want before we do.

These scenes that we have all become familiar with, give us a glimpse into what we all really want, to live in a world of comfort and rely on these devices for companionship.

Well, did you know that these very technologies, those “futuristic” devices, do in fact exist today. Recently, at CES 2014, LG had introduced a technology that showcased the ability to have a casual conversation with home appliances, much like having a conversation with your friends and family.

Further, these conversations can become a means to control and monitor the very smart devices you are speaking to. Now, the future we have dreamed of has become a reality, and we would like to share LG Electronics’ smart technologies through the following stories.

The Story of a Widowed Wife. The Story of a Single, Young Professional.

We can see the sorrow that fills this woman, who is alone because she has lost her husband to unfortunate circumstances.

She is not used to going to bed alone and feels the emptiness even more when she eats alone, a time she usually spent with her beloved husband. And she feels the dread and loneliness from the fact that her husband is no longer by her side, to take care of her and love her.

So what about a young professional living by himself. How would life be if there were someone there for him, at all times?

This young man is exhausted from a long, busy day at the office. He is drained to the point of even denying a date from the woman he is deeply in love with. And to think about doing the laundry and cleaning his house adds further to his frustrations and the agonizing exhaustion from the day.

For the lonely woman who has lost her husband and for the busy man in dire need of a break, a smart technology has arrived and is here to save the day!

The Future Becomes Reality – Widowed Wife

As she wakes up in the morning, LG Homechat alerts her of today’s weather. Homechat even allows for her to communicate directly with her home appliances through a simple messenger app.

LG LINK is the Homechat-enabled, smart LG devices envisioned for the consumers of tomorrow. These everyday devices have become the Internet of Things, connecting to the internet to provide information based on users’ needs.

Such smart devices help the Widowed Wife avoid catching a cold by adjusting the temperature in the house based on the weather.

The refrigerator will even inform her of how many eggs remain. Through Homechat, the Widowed Wife will never miss a thing and stay informed about the status of her home.

It doesn’t stop there. Those everyday things that her husband used to take care of are now taken care of by LG LINK. If we can help her fill the void of her husband and help console her even the slightest bit, then we consider a job well done.

The Future Becomes Reality – The Single, Young Professional

He works a busy schedule, working late into the night. His body and mind is tired and at the very least, he should be given a break at the comfort of his own home.

But fear not, he has a friend at home who can help him achieve this. With a simple text message, like chatting with a buddy at work, he asks: Any beer in the fridge?

His trusted companion, Homechat, simply replies back saying that the fridge has three beers.

To come home to a bunch of chores after a long day at the office is a nightmare. With a simple message to Homechat, household chores can be done on his behalf. Now, he can spend more time resting instead of doing chores.

As he enters his home, he can have time to take a look around himself.

Through the videos below, you can see how LG Electronics helps people with its smart devices, everyone from the lonely widow to the busy working professional.

Through the smart technology of LG LINK, the lives of these people have become much more comfortable.

In 2014, eight Homechat-enabled products will be introduced in South Korea and the United States, providing people with their own personal assistant to communicate with their home appliances.

Users can communicate with their home appliances through LINE, a global messenger application with over 300 million users worldwide. Through LINE and Homechat, the home becomes a better place with simple, everyday conversations taking place to fulfill household needs.

Homechat is a technology that actively carries out the requests on behalf of the users. Homechat is just the start of the future technologies that we have all been dreaming about.

And soon enough, our devices will get smarter and learn our preferences to make suggestions or alert us in advance, before we even realize what we need.