LG is a leading consumer electronics brand, there’s no doubt about it. And for those who wish to get a glimpse into the mind of such a company, there is one great opportunity for that.

CES 2014 (The International Consumer Electronics Show) taking place in January 2014, is where IT enthusiasts can gather to be in awe of upcoming technologies. CES 2014 is the largest electronic product exposition in the world and held in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

It is at this very exposition that LG exhibited its products through its lavish show booth. The LG Press Conference took place at the booth, kicking off with an interview with LG’s GSMO (Global Sales & Marketing Officer) giving us a look into what makes LG tick.

LG’s newly appointed GSMO is Wayne Park, former CEO of LG’s US operations. He has his sights set on bringing LG to the world and to your home. Of these efforts, let’s have a look at the points of LG he focuses on the most.

“We Embrace Change” Transformation through Innovation

LG sees great opportunity in the face of ever-changing market demands and improvements in technology.

“We embrace change.”

But of course, there is the graveyard of companies that could not adapt to such rapid changes. If the ideology of “We embrace change” had been embedded into the framework of these bygone companies, it only makes sense that they would still be here today. Through the turmoil of such a rapidly changing marketplace, LG stood its ground and continuously developed products that satisfied the needs of consumers.

“With LG, It’s All Possible” A World Without Boundaries

LG lives by the slogan, “With LG, It’s All Possible.”

If you have seen the LG Brand Anthem Video, then you must feel an even stronger affection to LG’s determination to showcase the new possibilities that can arise from LG products made for who else, but you! And the idea of “With LG, It’s All Possible” becomes more clear his words.

For those who have not yet seen the LG brand anthem – ‘With LG, it’s all possible’, take a few moments to become immersed in a world with LG.

“Smart and Simple” Understanding Your Needs

To end on a high note, we close with the idea of “Smart and Simple.” Innovation has helped us push further and without this pursuit of constant improvement, we would be left behind in the dust. If the pursuit of innovation is our means to stay “Smart” then “Simple” is the very centerpiece that helps stay innovative.

Ideas such as Web OS, G-flex and Homechat are a few ways we thought of to help minimize the stress that arises from complexity and we plan to keep them coming!

To watch the interview in its entirety, please view the video below.

Closing Remarks On the Other End

The LG Press Conference was jam packed without a doubt, with people from all over the world attending the event.

We see people coming from every all parts of the globe, from the U.S. to the Middle East and Africa to Europe and all the way to Asia! We see the bustling crowds of all nationalities, preparing for the press conference as they pull out their laptops and their cameras.

LG Press Conference is at full capacity without a single empty seat in sight. During the LG Press Conference which carried on for about 50 minutes, attendees were introduced to products ranging from the Web OS-equipped LG Smart TV, the Homechat-ready home appliances, the bendable G-flex smartphone, larger than life OLED TV line-ups, and even wearable devices such as the Lifeband Touch.

And just like that, the LG Press conference came to a close. To watch the full conference, view the video below.