Have you heard of LG Cloud?

Upload your favorite photos, videos, music and enjoy them on any LG device including Smart TV, smartphone, PC as well as on the LG Cloud website.

The sounds of our day-to-day becomes music to our ears with LG Cloud.

So how can one listen to this music?

Through the LG Smart TV, videos uploaded onto LG Cloud can be played. Lets take a closer look.

Step 1. LG Smart Phone

Street performers, jackhammers, cathedral bells, even the sound of hammering in a nail. These everyday sounds that we easily dismiss are filmed by our smartphones. Upload these clips onto LG Cloud and the pieces needed for making music are complete.

Tap your smartphone onto the NFC Tag and the preset settings will become enabled. Now we are ready to make music!

* NFC Tag is a feature that uses a smartphone’s NFC function, that when tapped, calls upon a smartphone’s Tag to enable the preset settings. NFC Tags can be placed in frequently visited areas to activate preset features on the smartphone.

Step 2. LG Smart TV with Intelligent Magic Remote

Lets have a listen to the music using an LG Smart TV. The LG Smart TV has the capability of playing the sweet sounds of the play from the movies uploaded onto the LG Cloud.

And of course the Smart TV can be controlled using the help of the  Intelligent Magic Remote. Now, the videos on LG Cloud will be played as if they were edited.

So this is how music is made!

Step 3. Play

So who will can actually perform this? The two JUKEBOX Champions of Montpellier who made music using LG Cloud. Have a listen from the video below.

Cloud service availability may differ for each country.