Have you heard the sounds of a happy family in a happy home? Those very sounds can be heard from the home appliances as well. There is one person who can express these sounds, in their truest form. He is DJ Pogo. He earned his fame through mashups, and earn the love of public through his various works, especially mashups of animations and movies. What types of playful sounds will he come up with using LG products?

Let’s start with the LG Washing Machine, playing a melody of cheerful sounds.

We can hear the washing machine door closing shut with the cleansing sounds of the water filling up.

The soothing sounds of the splashing water to the crisp tunes that play from each of the button – the sounds of the washing machine is like music to the ears.

We can also hear the delicious sounds coming from the LG Light Wave Oven

We hear the various sounds of our meal cooking on the plate.

Hearing such mouthwatering noises will surely get your appetite going!

The LG Refrigerator is a home appliance used by all member of the family.

What sweet sounds can we expect to hear?

The sounds of our everyday are captured by the opening and closing of the door, as well as the the crisp clicking noise of the Door-in-Door easy button.

The LG refrigerator creates a happy home by becoming a place that all family members can enjoy.

How can we forget about the LG Kompressor and Hom-Bot, the home appliances that keep our homes neat and clean?

There’s nothing quite like being in a clean home and hearing the home itself becoming clean is music to the ears. From the vacuum spinning to the Hom-Bot staying busy to the dust pan being emptied in the rubbish, the sounds of a clean home is very soothing.

Last but not least, let us not forget the sound of a dinner coming to end with the sounds of the dishwasher.

The noises of the steam pressure, the sounds of the water sloshing, the very sounds that signify the end of a beautiful meal.

The sounds of a happy home  come in many shapes and in many forms. Meet the artists who have produce these playful sounds.

Pogo & Jeesh have orchestrated these artists ever so gracefully. Have a listen in the video below.

Simply amazing. With LG home appliances, it’s easy to become a happy home!