Enhance your life with LG WORLD RECORD series, products with world’s first and world best technology.Each product selected as the LG’s WORLD RECORD is equipped with the most up-to-date technologies and aims to give our customers the most premium and ultimate experiences.Be the witness of LG’s WORLD RECORD, and discover how we strive to create experience for you that has never existed before.

The World’s First CURVED OLED TV

April, 2013 ~ Present | Global
The world’s first CURVED OLED TV by LG heralds a new era in display shape and quality. The gently curved screen is the most optimal form for any display, providing equal distance from all parts of the screen to the eyes. With a shape that is most natural for comfortable, immersive viewing and a design of breathtaking beauty, a true human experience is made possible by LG CURVED OLED TV. The TV also employs WRGB technology that adds an additional white sub-pixel for every pixel, totaling 8.3 million pixels to delight your eyes and deliver a picture perfect viewing experience.

Based on internal survey of TV models available for purchase in 2013

The World’s Most Powerful Air Conditioner

April, 2013 ~ Present | Iran, GF, Egypt, Saudi Arabia
Home should always be a cool and pleasant place to relax regardless of the outside weather. Titan Deluxe Air Conditioner achieves just that by circulating chilled air so powerfully that it reaches up to 20 meters and continuously operating for over 2 hours even when the outside temperature is a whopping 60°c. With a comprehensive filtration system, Titan Deluxe also provides virus and allergen free air so you can relax in a cool and healthy environment.
Titan Big 2 Air Conditioner

Based on internal testing and survey of wall-mounted on/off residential air conditioners available for purchase in April, 2013, LG’s Titan Big 2 (LS-H366V850, LS-C366V8S0, LS-H366V4C0, LS-H382V8C0) has the largest air volume and is able to operate continually for more than 2 hours with outside temperature of 60°C.”

The World’s Largest & Slimmest 3D OLED TV

January, 2013 ~ Present | Global
Not only is it huge, it’s also fundamentally different: unlike the usual pixels composed of red, blue, and green dots, the pixels of LG OLED TV have white sub-pixels that enhance color range and accuracy. The TV’s Color Refiner enhances viewing comfort and the fast response speed enables reproduction of blur-free pictures. With a depth of just 4mm, which is thinner than most smartphones, TV will be a sheer treat to watch— both inside and outside the bezel.
55inch OLED TV

Based on internal survey of TV models available for purchase in Jan, 2013

The World’s Most Powerful Mini-Component

December, 2012 ~ Present | SCA
Missed your favorite DJ’s concert? Or do you enjoy DJing yourself? With X-Boom Mini Component, it’s all possible. With 2300W super powerful sound and the LED lighting dancing to the beat, you can bring the club to your own room. You can also mix your own music using various DJing effects and listen to the tunes you have stored in mobile devices.

Based on internal survey of mini-component models available for purchase in Dec, 2012.

The World’s Slimmest LED Pendant Lighting

November, 2012 ~ Present | Global
Here is another LG product that can genuinely be described as slim and smart. Slim ART Lighting is true to its name: recognized internationally for its artistic design, the slim lighting has a thickness of just 6.5mm. Slim ART can be installed linearly in various designs to illuminate large spaces uniformly for long periods of time while emitting little heat. Wouldn’t it be a great for your building?
Slim Art Lighting

Based on internal survey of LED pendant lighting models available for purchase in Nov, 2012.

The World’s Narrowest 3D Video Wall

July, 2012 ~ Present | Global
Imagine a 3D cinema experience in the size of a whole wall. With premium IPS display that assures optimal picture quality from any angle and the Super Narrow Bezel, the 3D Video Wall is ideal for public entertainment and exhibition venues. Sturdy and energy-efficient, the 3D Video Wall will create a great impact in any space while requiring little maintenance effort.

Based on internal survey of 3D Video wall in the Digital Signage models available for purchase in July, 2012

The World’s Leader in LTE Device Patents

June, 2012 | US,Korea and Some of Asia
The LG Optimus True HD LTE(LG Spectrum or LG Nitro HD in US) not only brings you undistorted, clear fullscreen viewing experience with true HD IPS display, but it also brings you blazing fast speed with LTE technology. LG hols the most numbers of LTE essential patents in the world. All LG LTE mobile phones are backed by this incredible amount of palented technology that ensures you the best and fastest connections at all times.
LTE Phones

Based on June 2012 research by TechIPM

The World’s First Motion Remote for TV

March, 2012 ~ Present | World Wide
The LG Magic Remote is the world’s first motion remote for TV, delivering simple control over your entertainment. Just point and click to control everything from TV programs to your favorite applications, and easily navigate to your favorite content with wheel and gesture features. Welcome to a whole new home entertainment experience.

Based on internal survey of TV models available for purchase in March, 2012

The World’s First “Door-in-Door” Applied Refrigerator

March, 2012 ~ Present | Global
Enjoy a special space in your refrigerator for easy access to the things you use the most! The world’s first Door-in-Door design from LG allows each family member to organize frequent in & out items in a smart way and also saves you time and electricy by reducing the escape of cold air. With a huge capacity of 887 gross liters, Door-in-Door Refrigerator is smartly designed to store more, bigger, and bulkier items in more convenient locations.

Based on internal survey of Refrigerator models available for purchase in March, 2012

The World’s Largest Capacity Washing Machine

March, 2012 ~ Present | US, Canada
Imagine being able to wash a king size comforter and a full set of bedding in a single load. And just think how much more amazing this would be if you could tackle this tower of laundry 20 minutes faster! Stop imagining…and go for it! LG takes the largest capacity washer and powers it to the max with time-saving TurboWash™ technology and the steam cleaning feature that virtually eliminates dirt, wrinkles and odors. Think big. Think LG.

Based on manufacturer’s published specification of residential washing machines, March, 2012

The World’s Narrowest Bezel 3D TV

Introducing the new LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV with an incredibly minimized frame. Designed with pure inspiration and cutting-edge technology. It enhances not only your immersive 3D experience but also the interior of your home. Now meet the best of 3D TV and Smart TV on one beautifully designed CINEMA Screen masterpiece.
Cinema Screen 3D TV (LM 96)

Based on internal survey of 3D TV models available for purchase in Feb, 2012

The World First In-built Super AVS Air Conditioner

April, 2011 ~ Present | MEA
Stop worrying about inconsistent voltage. LG’s Titan Deluxe brings you the world’s first Automatic Voltage Switcher which cuts off the power when your voltage is too high or too low. It also enhanced air purifying with an added to bring you clean and fresh air.
Titan Deluxe

Based on internal survey of Air Conditioner models available for purchase in April, 2012