LG Smart TVs are your gateway to virtually limitless big-screen entertainment. With wireless internet connectivity, you can access the world of Premium content directly from your television.

Among the Premium content, LG Smart TV has many super fun game line-ups that will help you blow off some steam from a stressful reality!

Recently, there has been one particular game that’s been the center of attention in the gaming world. It’s Activision’s SkylandersTM—available for Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox and Wii as well as PC and Mac computers, in addition to the Wii. There are also online versions, and in the case of Skylanders Battlegrounds, you can play both online and via mobile, and this version is also available on iOS and Android devices. The games are played along with action figures and with the embedded NFC technology in them, gamers get to not only interact with each other but with the actual figures as well. Since its release in October 2011, Skylanders has been a huge success throughout the world. In the United States and Europe, Skylander figures have outsold all other action-figure properties.

In this post, we’re thrilled to announce that you can now play this popular game as an app on your LG Smart TV. Even better, LG Smart TV Magic Remote offers exclusive optimized features for the Skylanders app – let’s take a look!

Welcome to the Groundbreaking Union of TV and Game Console!

Skylanders opens a new realm of gaming as they bridge the physical and virtual worlds together with their interactive features and physical action figures. Through a device called the Portal of Power, these action figures are ‘transported’ to the virtual game. With the added NFC tags, not only can gamers play on their mobile devices, but their tagged action figures can interact when simultaneously placed on the Portal of Power.

The Skylanders game, which breaks the existing standard game concept, starts with placing the real figures on the round support table called Portal of Power. The Portal of Power then brings the toys to life in the game and also glows different colors according to the elements of the characters. While the Portal of Power is not needed to play the game, it does have other features, such as the viewer function which allows Skylanders to know where to go next.

Under normal circumstances, you would need to own expensive consoles like a PlayStation or XBOX to play such high quality video games. Now, owners of an LG Smart TV do not need to buy a separate console as the TV satisfies all the features of a console!

To play Skylanders, LG Smart TV owners need simply open the app from the app list on the smart TV and gamers can use the Magic Remote provided with the LG Smart TVs to control the game, just like a console controller. The added plus is that LG Smart TV has the advantage of enjoying the game much more vividly thanks to LG Smart TV’s great picture quality!

The combination of LG Smart TV and Skylanders is not only an optimal way to enjoy your video game but it’s also cost-efficient! Imagine. The dad wants a brand new smart TV, the kids want a console. If you give into their begging and nagging and pleas, you’d not only need to buy just a TV and a console but also video games and other accessories as well to play the game! The shopping list couldn’t be any longer.

The solution to this problem is quite simple. To satisfy every one of your family members, one LG Smart TV will do the trick. It’s a TV, it’s a smart device with a variety of apps and it even works as a console to play games with no added fuss or costs! The sweetest deal of playing it via LG Smart TV is that the app is offered at no cost. What’s more, to-be LG Smart TV owners will find great promotions around the globe. For those who buy their LG Smart TVs before June 30, 2014, three action figures and a portal will be given away for free*.

So now you see, with LG Smart TV, there is a whole new world of funtainment awaiting you and your entire family!

*Promotions offered in: UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden,
Australia, Thailand, Brazil, Turkey, Ukraine and Mexico.

Countries that offer app downloads only: US, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Norway.