LG, again, was a key highlight during IFA 2013. With its newest TVs such as CURVED OLED TV, 77-inch ULTRA HD TV, GALLERY OLED TV and other latest technologies, LG pavilion at the world’s leading consumer electronics and home appliances attracted large crowds on a daily basis.

Did any of you get a chance to visit Berlin for the IFA 2013? For our international readers who just couldn’t find the time to visit the trade event this year, we’ve brought IFA to you! The lucky readers who were onsite will find this as a nice recap of last week’s show.

Let’s take a look at what went on behind the scenes at IFA.

Out and About Town

As one of the world’s leading companies in technology, we made sure that LG’s presence could be felt not only inside Berlin ExpoCenter City but around Berlin as well.

Easy to Enjoy LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV with Convenient 3D Glasses

Entering the LG pavilion, a marvelous 3D Film Attractor immediately greeted visitors. Just like an enormous movie theater, the large multi-screen display is quite overwhelming in size and the images are breathtaking. The stunned gasps of visitors were ample proof of just how amazing the LG technology is. All the visitors were obviously provided with LG 3D glasses, which are already popular and well-known as they don’t require batteries and are light for comfortable viewing and affordable unlike that of competitors’.

The Future is Here: 77’’ ULTRA HD CURVED OLED TV

Visitors who were immersed in the 4K ULTRA HD CURVED OLED TV experience mentioned they felt they had stepped into the future as they couldn’t believe their eyes. Showcases as one of the latest technologies, the world’s largest ULTRA HD OLED TV received a big two thumbs up from visitors. This 77-inch TV proves yet again that LG never stops in pushing boundaries and bringing you the latest and best.

What Do You Think of LG’s Latest Artwork? ‘GALLERY OLED TV’

Who says IFA can’t be an inspiring cultural venue as well? We combined the latest LG’s signature technology with masterpiece paintings and created a gallery space that looked and felt like a real art museum!

Through this creative innovation, your TV can be much more than just a black screen that takes up a significant part of your living room décor. Now, when the TV is turned off, you can have your own art gallery with works of art from renowned and celebrated artists.

The GALLERY OLED TV attracted so much attention during IFA. Visitors were struck in awe at the beauty and clarity of the images and their natural juxtaposition with the frames that they almost mistook them for real paintings. What do you think of our latest ‘artwork’?

Once Again, Another First: 4.3mm Slim CURVED OLED TV

At this year’s IFA, the slimmest curved OLED TV was released. You might wonder how this can be, but yes, LG has done it again and surpassed your imagination. LG reduced the thin surface of LG’s CURVED OLED TV once again and reduced it to 4.3mm. As you can see from the photo, you’d hardly notice the TV if you saw it from the side.

The Growing LG ULTRA HD TV Family

LG has been known for its advanced technology in TV manufacturing and has been the leader in the market by bringing numerous world’s firsts. As a follow-up to the 84-inch LA9800 ULTRA HD TV, LG introduced new members to the ULTRA HD TV series. Scheduled for a fall release, the latest 65-inch LA9700 and 55-inch LA9650 will be equipped with ULTRA HD 8.3M Pixels, IPS Panel, Tru-ULTRA HD Engine, CINEMA 3D and Magic Remote, offering you now a full ULTRA HD TV family selection.

It’s All Possible with LG

Let’s not forget that LG also offers the best in home entertainment and innovative display and printing solutions. As part of the pavilion display, visitors were able to experience first-hand the intuitive and easy-to-use Magic Motion remote control, functional and exquisite Sound Plate, and portable convenience of Pocket Photo as well as the latest in computer monitors.

Until Next Year

So there you have it—a short yet comprehensive overview of some of our favorite scenes from IFA 2013. We hope you enjoyed it!