Ladies and gentlemen, the LG crew has come back with a galactic scale prank. Is it real or ULTRA real? How can you tell the difference between what’s real and what’s not when the ULTRA HD TV resolution seems clearer than reality itself?

This has been the hottest topic among more than 8 million viewers who have seen our latest viral video in less than a week! International media from CNNThe TelegraphMirrorLA TimesGizmodoand more have also been reporting our viral apocalyptic interview / meteor prank as “hilarious”.

First, you’ve got to see how ULTRA real it is for yourself.

Pretty exciting for a job interview, don’t you think?! There were viewers who sympathized with the poor applicants who were so frightened by our prank while others found the man who did not see the funny side to the prank (at all) completely amusing. What did you think of our prank? Would you have searched for cover like all the applicants?

For those who have yet to see the clip, the video captures job applicants being ushered into a room for their interviews. Once the interview commences however, a bright light lights up in the sky and a gigantic meteor comes crashing down and engulfs the city in smoke. (Talk about a stressful job interview…) Luckily for them, that interview wasn’t the final moments of their lives because the meteor crash was simply a video footage played on an 82-inch ULTRA HD TV screen that was pre-installed and disguised as a real window with a panoramic view of the city. Until the plug was pulled, the innocent applicants had no idea that they were looking at a TV screen instead of a window!

All the applicants were 100% fooled by the realistic resolution of the ULTRA HD TV and thought doom’s day had come. But if you think just a little, it’s not very hard to believe. Heralded by PCMag as the next ‘big step’ in HD TV resolution, LG was the first to commercialize ULTRA HD TV technology and has boost reality into ‘ULTRA reality’ with at least 8 million active pixels and a resolution of 3840 x 2160 (horizontal x vertical).

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Welcome to our ULTRA reality. You could be our next ‘ULTRA reality’ target…