LG’s ULTRA HD TV, which debuted last year, promises to offer one of the best picture qualities amongst televisions. But with the product so new to the market, what do we really know about ULTRA HD TV?

While we have touched upon the television in our previousposting, it was more of a general introductory, like a teaser. Here we provide you answers to some of the most common questions you have for ULTRA HD TV.

1. Why the ‘ULTRA’ in LG ULTRA HD TV?

ULTRA HD, as Jamie from PCMag would suggest, is the next ‘big step’ in HD TV resolution. Basic HD TVs started with a resolution of 1290×720, but in recent years, Full HD TV came out with 1920×1080 resolution and over 2 million pixels. Many thought television displays had reached the apex.

LG, however, became the first to commercialize what’s called ULTRA HD TV technology. The industryformally defines ULTRA HD as having at least 8 million active pixels, and a resolution of 3840×2160 (horizontal x vertical).

Meeting these requirements, LG’s ULTRA HD TV boasts a resolution of 3840×2160 with 8.3 million pixels.

2. How soon can we expect ULTRA HD content?

Just as in the past when FULL HD content became rapidly abundant after the launching of FULL HD TVs, plenty of ULTRA HD contents will follow the same suit. Contents are already beginning to emerge from various sources. For example, YouTube now supports videos with resolution up to 4096×3072. Blu-ray players capable of serving up ULTRA HD videos are also prepping for debut in the market. LG is also actively initiating partnerships with global content providers and broadcasters to deliver ULTRA HD content.


What can you do in the meantime? Thanks to the ULTRA HD Upscaler, you can upgrade any content’s quality to the ULTRA HD standard.

3. Will LG ULTRA HD TV improve the 3D viewing experience?

LG ULTRA HD TVs, for your information, are equipped with the CINEMA 3D viewing technology. What that means in practical terms is that the television will retain key benefits with LG’s renowned 3D technology, most notably, flicker-free 3D glasses and wide viewing angle feature.

With the flicker-free glasses on, the ULTRA HD TV looks much brighter especially given the size of the screen. Unlike other 3D glasses where you have to sit upright to maintain 3D images, LG’s 3D glasses offer same images in any way you position yourself when watching a television: sit back, lie down, etc.

LG’s offering of wide viewing angle at nearly 180º is also another a key backbone of improving the 3D viewing experience of LG UTLRA HD TV’s big screen. Just imagine instead of enjoying contents with more than enough personal spaces, how uncomfortable it will be when you are all crammed in front of the ULTRA HD TV.

4. How will LG ULTRA HD TV improve the Smart TV experience?

Even comparing DVD (720×480) contents to Blu-ray (1920×1080), you’ll notice a startling difference in picture quality. Now imagine the same content displayed on superior 3840×2160 resolution.

When it comes to LG Smart TVs, a major feature is the diverse content – and lots of it! From premium movie titles, games, Smart TV apps to 3D videos, there’s something for everyone with LG Smart TV.

However, if all that content was not displayed in the highest quality – what would be the point? LG ULTRA HD TV ensures peak Smart TV viewing experience with finer expression of detail, color expression, and so forth. What’s more, even from close distances, the vivid and crisp display will still be sustained.

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