A favorite pastime of people worldwide is going to the movies…and one of the biggest perks with theatres is, of course, the large screen size! From the get go, we are immediately hooked and our senses flooded with the mesmerizing views and graphics being projected on big screen.

Because SIZE matters when it comes to viewing, consumers have for years tried to emulate the movie theatre experience in their homes, but to only varying degrees of success. Now, with its new Laser TV, LG provides a practical and optimized solution…which wait for it…features a 100” display size.

How does LG Laser TV work? Different from other television sets, a screen comes with a detached projector on which to shoot images. However, only a mere 15 centimeters is required between screen and projector – and the result is an amazing cinematic view displayed in 100”.

In addition to offering a true movie theatre experience, LG Laser TV also features a uniquely innovative design as well as Smart TV functionality. Excited to learn more? Let’s take a closer look.


BIG Screen for Your Maximized Entertainment

A 100-inch screen size. It’s hard to gauge the magnitude of just how large 100-inch is, but if you think a 50-inch TV is big, LG Laser TV is FOUR times bigger when measured diagonally.

So, how can your entertainment experience be maximized with the 100” LG Laser TV?

As mentioned before, it will be like having a proper mini theater at home or even better. You get all the benefits of a much more comfortable home environment plus a superior large viewing experience with LG Laser TV’s Full HD display.

Just imagine how that tiny puck that you always found hard to follow during hockey games will now jump right out at you. Not a sports fan? Action packed movies that you used to only observe (along with all the other home furnishings near your TV) will now entirely immerse you. The same goes with playing games. Imagine a fast paced first-person shooter on the larger screen. It will be like the various game scenes and characters are as big as in real-life!

And don’t let daylight distract you from enjoying entertainment on LG Laser TV. With a special anti-reflection screen that prevents light from being reflected off the screen, you can not only enjoy the television at night, but during even the sunniest of days without the curtains drawn.

Enjoy Content Galore with Smart TV Functionality

If its enormous size wasn’t already enough, LG Laser TV also comes with LG’s acclaimed Smart TV functionality.

What’s one example of an immediate benefit that the LG Smart TV feature provides? No more worrying about stacking up hardcopy DVDs! If you want to watch the latest animation at the behest of your kids, just use Magic Remote and download your preferred movie from Netflix or other movie portals available.

Here’s another fun scene — your friend still hasn’t seen Gangnam Style? Watch the hit music video, in Full HD, off YouTube, and also learn more about PSY’s career and background on Wikipedia all thanks to built-in Smart TV functionality on LG Laser TV. In addition to videos, a wide range of games, educational, and other apps are also available.

Finally, with Smart TV functionality on LG Laser TV, be sure to take advantage of the great multi-device sharing features available. Trying to find a cable to connect LG Laser TV to your laptop to watch a video clip of Yellowstone’s landscape? If you have a laptop that supports Wireless Display (WiDi) technology, you can connect both devices wirelessly or without an Internet network. That’s what smart does for you.

All Packed Into a Sleek Design Form

When you think of a 100-inch TV that comes with screen and projector, you instantly worry over lots of work, equipment, and setup time, right? But that’s not the case here. Just remember 15 centimeters. That’s the distance between the projector and the screen needed for LG Laser TV.

This unique design form opens a ton of doors. You don’t have to hassle over the large space requirement for planting such a big TV in your apartment, and with daylight viewing possible, LG Laser TV can literally go into any room.

Adding even more benefit is that LG Laser TV doesn’t require a cable to CONNECT between projector and screen. Why? Because as you can tell, the projector shoots images directly to the screen rather than via a cable! The projector does come with cables for power and so forth, but they are underneath the projector to make installation easier as well as enhance aesthetic appeal. What’s more? The giant screen’s slim and narrow bezel adds a sleek and modern touch to any home interior.

A Great Choice as a Public Display

Thinking outside the box, the factors described above also make LG Laser TV a great choice as a public display. A TV with that kind of size that’s easy to install, and only requires minimum distance between projector and screen? The possibilities are endless. Just imagine planning a public event or displaying advertising at a hotel or shopping mall. Instead of all the work and effort involved in printing hi-res images on a canvas or securing a typical heavy duty projector, LG Laser TV lets you setup projector and screen in mere minutes, and amaze onlookers…even in bright daylight!

The Perfect Big TV Option

Feel like LG Laser TV is the perfect big TV option? We don’t blame you. A quick recap of its many benefits:

How big? 100” Need to have the curtain down to watch movies in bright daylight? Not for LG Laser TV! Worried about lack of content available? Smart TV functionality provides a plethora of movies, games, apps, and more. Concerned about the heavy duty requirements of a 100” TV? Not applicable as LG Laser TV features a sleek look with no cables, and minimum space requirement of a mere 15 centimeters between screen and projector. It doesn’t get better than this. Check out more at LG’s official website here!

*As there are both TV and Display-only versions of this product, please utilize this post according to the specific release in your market.