The LG 5-inch display made from plastic material caused quite a stir at the recent Society for Information Display (SID) Week in Vancouver, Canada. The display panel, which is both bendable and unbreakable, is expected to debut in a smartphone by the end of this year.

At the SID, a sample OLED panel was showcased at LG’s demo booth to allow attendees to touch and experience its flexibility. A hammer was also available so they could test the durability of the panel by hitting it. As expected, the panel did prove to be unbreakable. One of the main benefits of this is when the user drops the phone, the panel would still remain intact even though the glass which covers it may shatter. This means it be much cheaper to repair these phones than before.

Made from plastic, the panel is also cheaper to manufacture than glass panels. Additional noteworthy features of the OLED panel are that it is lightweight and power efficient, while still being able to achieve very sharp images. Play this video to see a quick review on the panel by an Engadget representative at the SID.

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