When you first hear the name, LG Smart 3D Blu-ray™ Player, you may be thinking – how is it possible for a Blu-ray player to be “Smart” and “3D.” A Blu-ray player is just a Blu-ray player, right?

However, LG is very selective about which products it assigns the “Smart” or “3D” label to, and our new Blu-ray player is no exception.







Here, we introduce you to LG Smart 3D Blu-ray™ Player (Model: BP730), allowing users to enjoy a full Smart TV and 3D experience even if those features are not integrated into their existing TV sets. LG’s new player has already been recognized for its innovation with a 2013 International CES Innovation Award, which you can read more about here.

A Solid Foundation of Superior Viewing and Listening

LG Smart 3D Blu-ray™ Player begins with a solid foundation of what a bar none multimedia experience should be about – superior viewing and listening.

For example, 3D technology delivers whole new levels of immersion when watching movies, but not all people have 3D TVs. With LG Smart 3D Blu-ray™ Player you’re in luck as the player automatically converts 2D to crystal clear, smooth 3D. Many LG fans with kids have already fallen in love with the 3D conversion feature – keeping all entertained for hours by transforming cartoons and animation films into 3D!

Another benefit of LG Smart Blu-ray Player is its ULTRA HD upscaling feature. These days, high resolution is definitely ‘in” and you don’t get much better than ULTRA HD which offers four times the resolution of Full HD. However, as the technology is so new, it is expensive. LG Smart Blu-ray Player provides a practical option allowing you to view all kinds of normal HD content in ULTRA HD quality, right in the comfort of your living room.

Regarding its sound features, LG Smart 3D Blu-ray™ Player is unrivalled when it comes to audio versatility. For example, if you’ve ever experienced watching TV silently at midnight while the rest of the family is asleep, you know how frustrating volume at a whisper can be. However, LG’s new player features Private Sound Mode, allowing you to listen to the sound from your TV by head/earphone via you smartphone’s audio jack. Specifically, once you connect your TV and mobile device via Wi-Fi, the player will transmit sound to your smartphone which you can listen to on wired or paired head/earphones.

Fully Enjoy with LG Magic Remote

What’s more, LG Smart Blu-ray Player also comes with the acclaimed LG Magic Remote. Originally, only provided with LG Smart TVs, LG Magic Remote makes a great choice to interact with the various Smart TV functions available with LG Smart Blu-ray Player. Users can explore LG App Store, LG Game World, play games, and web surf just like a PC with LG Magic Remote. And for consumers who prefer computer-style controls, LG Smart Blu-ray Player also supports keyboard and mouse connections via USB.

Smart Share among Your Personal Devices

One of the best benefits of Smart technology is the ability to share among your various personal devices including smartphones, PCs, tablets, and more. LG Smart 3D Blu-ray™ Player delivers in this area with Miracast and SmartShare™.

The Miracast feature enables screen mirroring from mobile devices to TV via LG Smart Blu-ray Player. After you connect your mobile device and player through Wi-Fi, you can mirror the screen of your mobile device and enjoy those contents right on your TV screen.

LG Smart 3D Blu-ray™ Player also supports SmartShare™ which allows multimedia content such as music, pictures and movies to be accessed from across your various devices including Smart TV, PC, tablet, and smartphone. With these great Smart sharing features on LG Smart Blu-ray Player, there is no more need for messy cables, USB drives, and discs to transfer content among your devices.

Explore Vast Worlds of Smart TV Content

With the introduction of Smart TV technology, users are no longer limited to what’s playing on broadcast or cable TV channels. Instead, they can actively find diverse content from movies to TV shows to games to other applications.

The catch though is that if you’ve recently bought a TV or depend on your existing set, it isn’t always easy to go out and buy a new Smart TV as much as you may want to. LG Smart 3D Blu-ray™ Player provides a fantastic solution enabling a full Smart TV experience on your current set. Just like with a Smart TV, users can enjoy premium streaming entertainment and VOD services from popular services like Hulu Plus, Pandora, Netflix and YouTube.

A Better Way to Do Blu-Ray!

As terrific as LG Smart 3D Blu-ray™ Player is, however, if it’s doesn’t do the basic stuff well such as playing Blu-ray discs, what would be the point? LG Smart Blu-ray player doesn’t disappoint in this area.

Instead of a traditional tray-loading system, LG Smart Blu-ray Player adopts a slot-loading drive, creating a cleaner look and removing the chance of mechanical failure associated with tray mechanisms. Slot-loading also lets users insert and remove discs much more easily.

Also, long boot times are no more with LG Smart Blu-Ray Player. With Quick Booting, LG Smart Blu-ray Player takes only few seconds to turn on. Forget the old days when you had to push the “on” switch and wait for ages. Also, full touch control is available to round out the design.

Can’t wait to enjoy all the possibilities? Visit your nearest retail store and meet the new LG Smart 3D Blu-ray™ Player today.