Pop quiz – name as quickly as possible all the things that you can do with a smartphone? Make calls, watch movies, play games, browse the internet, video conference, update your SNS page. The list could go on and on, right?

Here’s one though that you might not be as aware of – use your smartphone as a TV remote control. Yes, you heard that right, smartphones can control TVs assuming you have the right software.

In 2010, LG first released LG TV Remote App for Smartphone, delivering whole new avenues of Smart TV control functionality by smartphone. The hit app was followed by a successor version in 2012 to even more rave reviews.

Now, LG is back at it again with an App called LG TV Remote 2013 featuring the next level in “smartphone control” of your LG Smart TV. Let’s dive in for a closer look:


Getting Started

To get started, you’ll need to download the LG TV Remote 2013 application. Visit either Android or iOS app store on your smartphone, type “LG TV Remote 2013,” and download the app.

An important note, LG TV Remote 2013 is only compatible with LG Smart TVs released in 2012 or later. If you own a model released in 2011, try LG TV Remote 2011.

Once you’ve downloaded LG TV Remote 2013, you’ll need to pair the app with your LG Smart TV. First, check that both your smartphone and LG Smart TV are connected to your home Wi-Fi network. Next, launch LG TV Remote 2013, and automatically scan for your TV. Once found, just tap “connect” and wait until a code appears on your TV screen. Input the code into your smartphone, and you’re all connected.


What’s New in LG TV Remote 2013?

LG TV Remote 2013 introduces several new enhancements for smarter and more interactive control of your LG Smart TV.

Unified Search – Find What You Want Quickly!

One of the great benefits of Smart TV technology is the many portals and content libraries available to explore. However, the abundance of content can also prove time consuming to navigate through. After all, imagine you’re looking for video clips about “LG TVs.” You might first try searching YouTube, then LG Smart TV library, then the web before ultimately finding what you want…get the picture?

Providing an efficient solution, LG TV Remote 2013 adds the Unified Search function allowing users to search across multiple content providers like YouTube, Netflix, and VOD with a single keyword entry. Results from Unified Search also appear from LG TV System Apps like LG Smart World, Social Center, LG Cloud, and more.

LG Smartshare Access – Tap Into the Power of Sharing

LG Smart TV’s released in 2013 come packed with a plethora of Smart share options, collectively known as LG SmartShare allowing content to be shared across various personal technology devices including smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

LG TV Remote 2013 taps into the power of LG SmartShare by listing media files already stored on your LG Smart TV right on your smartphone.

For example, if you look at the image above, you can use LG TV Remote 2013 to find shared content by simply selecting the video, photo, or music file category icons. Once you select a file, like magic, the content starts playing on your TV. Want even more interactivity? Try the record function. By clicking record, then speaking (or singing!) into your smartphone, the recording is automatically saved on your LG Smart TV and across your other personal technology devices as well.

LG Social Center – Update and Share Right from Your Smartphone

LG Social Center has proved a hit by integrating popular SNS services like Facebook and Twitter with LG Smart TVs.

LG Smart TV users commonly turn to LG Social Center to share updates with friends and family about the latest and greatest LG Smart TV apps, videos, and more. Now the experience has been made available for smartphone via LG TV Remote 2013.

Imagine a friend “likes” a great new LG Smart TV game. All you need to do is click on the link (displayed in a friend’s update on LG Social Center) on LG TV Remote 2013 – and the app goes into action on your LG Smart TV.


The Same Great Features You’ve Come to Love

LG TV Remote 2013 introduces a wealth of innovative new features, but that doesn’t mean any of the “goodies” you’ve come to love from previous versions are missing.

Mini TV Touch Pad Premium Content
Make sure to check out features like ‘MiniTV’ allowing you to watch live TV right on your smartphone Control the on-screen pointer on LG Smart TV by a touchpad displayed on your smartphone Access LG Smart TV’s premium third party apps from Netflix to Facebook to Major League Baseball TV easily from your smartphone

So if you own both an LG Smart TV and any brand smartphone, there’s really no excuse. Get started with LG TV Remote 2013 today!


[Supported Models]

2012 LG TVs:

LM9600, LM9500, LM9400, LM8600, LMG860, LM7610, LM7600, LM6710
LM6700, LM6690, LM6610, LM6600, LM6450, LM6400, LM6300, LM6250
LM6200, LM6100, LM5900, LS5800, LS5750, LS5700, PA6900, PA4700 Series

2013 LG TVs

LA9700, LA9600, LA8800, LA8650, LA8600, LA7900, LA7470, LA7450
LA7410, LA7400, LA7100, LA6950, LA6928, LA6910, LA6900, LA6800
LA6680, LA6670, LA6650, LA6690, LA6620, LA6610, LA6600, LA6500
LA6410, LA6400, LA6205, LA6250, LA6230, LA6200, LN6150, LN6130
LN6100, LN5790, LN5770, LN5750, LN5710, LN5700, LN5700, LN570B
PH6710, PH6700, PH6600, PN6700, PN5700, PH4700, PN4700 Series