Artcool leads LG’s latest family of eco-friendly and health conscious air conditioners











KUALA LUMPUR, 26 April 2013 – LG Electronics (LG) today introduced a new family of advanced residential air conditioners that offer superior energy efficiency and enhanced health benefits, yet are stylish enough to make a lifestyle statement.

Comprising three model line-ups – Artcool Inverter V, Deluxe Inverter V and Standard, the new series underscores LG’s relentless efforts in developing unique technology and innovations that help customers stay healthy while saving on energy costs, all without sacrificing on reliability, durability and style.

“Malaysia is a very discerning market, where consumers demand that their appliances deliver exceptional functionality, energy efficiency and the very best health care for their families,” said HK Kwon, Managing Director, LG Electronics (M) Sdn Bhd. “The advanced technologies we have incorporated in our new air conditions provide some of the best energy efficiency returns in the market, not to mention the host of value-added benefits we’ve included. Best of all, we’ve kept our prices competitive to help customers enjoy more cost savings.”



Setting New Standards in Energy Efficiency, Reliability and Durability for Superior Cost Savings

Air conditioners generally consume more electricity than other home appliances. LG is firmly committed to creating the most energy efficient solutions possible, capable of operating effectively while using less electricity. LG’s new Artcool and Deluxe air conditioners boast powerful yet silent performance while minimising energy consumption by up to 60 percent.

Powered by LG’s revolutionary Inverter V Technology, when combined with the company’s unique BLDC compressor, the Artcool Inverter V and Deluxe Inverter V air conditioners operate at maximum speed to reach the desired temperature quickly. Once that is achieved, LG’s Inverter V units adjust and constantly vary the compressor speed to maintain the desired temperature, which helps to reduce power consumption. This is unlike any conventional air conditioner that turns the compressor on and off, thereby consuming more power. Furthermore, the addition of a delicate torque control enables the compressor to operate at the minimum hertz level, thus increasing energy efficiency by consuming less electricity.

Additionally, when combined, these technologies also help minimise vibration which results in superior durability and reliability.


Raising the Bar with Perfected Health Care for Better Peace of Mind

LG has also developed innovative filtration systems and features that help protect users from harmful particles such as germs, allergens, viruses and dust, while purifying the air.

Underpinning these health benefits is LG’s latest technology, the PlasmasterTM. LG has dedicated tremendous resources in the research of plasma technology, which enables both negative and positive ions to coexist and react with airborne moisture. Through the successful implementation of this technology, LG is able to incorporate a range of innovative and health defining functions.

Starting with Plasmaster Ionizer, which offers sterilisation of up to 99.9 percent by releasing over two million ions that help eliminate viruses, bacteria, germs and other particles in the air as well on surrounding surfaces including curtains, sofas, carpets and clothes.

The LG Plasmaster Filter offers four-way protection – elimination of dust particles; reduction of microscopic contaminants through the air purifying system; further filtration of micro dust, house mites and pet fur to protect against allergies and asthma; and finally deodorisation to remove odours.

LG has also collaborated with 3M to develop the 3 Multi Protection Filter adds another layer of defence against harmful substances such as dust, viruses and allergens. When combined with the Plasmaster Filter, this innovative technology has been proven to remove 99.99 percent of germs as well as 95 percent of allergens and viruses including H1N1.

The LG Plasmaster technology is available in the Artcool Inverter V and Deluxe Inverter V units, while the Standard models include a triple filtration system. Additionally, all the new LG air conditioners also come with a Dual Protection Filter.

The Artcool and Deluxe models also carry the Plasmaster Auto Cleaning feature prevents the build-up of moisture within the interior, stopping bacteria, germs and mould from growing inside the heat exchanger.















Creating a More Comfortable and Restful Environment for Overall Wellbeing

LG’s unique new skew fan and low vibrating BLDC motor, which is enabled by the company’s state-of-the-art Inverter V Technology, offers the lowest noise level in the industry. At 19dB, the noise level is almost half of that of a silent library so customers can been assured of a sound and comfortable sleeping atmosphere with minimal disturbance.

LG’s powerful Jet Cool feature and four-way swing function allows for more even yet high-speed cooling, reducing time needed to reach the targeted temperature by 20 percent while dispersing air quickly and efficiently to each corner of the room

The new LG air conditioner series will be available nationwide from mid-May onwards.

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