How hard is to make a purchasing decision when, say, five different products are promoted as the “only choice” or “very best.”

As a consumer focused on making smart choices, these sorts of dilemmas are why you’ve also probably made the habit of looking to third party, independent sources for credible information before buying. Product reviews by experts truly do provide an invaluable service.

Recently, LG introduced its family of Ultra HD TV’s to the world – and a host of 3rd party, expert reviews were decisive in their high praise. Check out the infographic below for more.

Best of Innovations 2013 – Video Display Category at CES 2013“The 84LM9600 is the world’s largest Ultra Definition (UD) 3D TV delivering immersive entertainment in stunning ultra-definition with a combination of CINEMA 3D technology and Smart TV features.”
About the CES Innovation AwardsAwarded annually to best-in-class products at CES, tech’s largest tradeshow, entrants are judged evaluating technical specifications and materials, aesthetics and design qualities, intended use and function, unique features and comparison to other similar products.
8/10 Rating by Digital Trends“Bottom line: Higher pixel density makes images on the screen look more like reality than TV. Scenes of the bright blue Mediterranean looked so convincing; it was hard not to want to jump right in. The stars in night skies looked much more like stars – tiny pinpoints of light – than a smattering of blurry white spots.”
About Digital TrendsWith 10 million monthly unique visitors, Digital Trends provides trustworthy and unbiased product reviews and the latest technology news.
A Stellar Review from HDTV Solutions“The picture quality of the LG Ultra HD TV is definitely a major step up from the output of a high-end 1080p HDTV. The difference can be startling when playing 4K content. But even when comparing playback of Blu-rays, the LG’s upscaling to 4K is noticeably better.”
About HDTV SolutionsHDTV Solutions is a website for buyers, users, and sellers of HDTV video displays like Plasma, LDC TVs, or Rear Projection Televisions.
Rated Excellent by AVForums“Once you throw in LG’s reference Smart TV platform, two remotes, Game Play, built-in WiFi, well designed menus and exceptional calibration controls, you start to see a TV that can almost justify its hefty price tag. The huge nature of the screen isn’t reflected in the other dimensions, with the surrounding bezel measuring 3cm at the top, 2.5cm at the sides and 4cm along the bottom. The entire chassis is only 4cm deep, which is remarkable when you consider the screen size and how much technology is crammed inside.”
About AVForumsAVForums philosophy is to promote audio and visual excellence by gathering and sharing the best information and resources available.
Rated 8/10 by M3“We think this is the best experience we’ve seen outside of a movie theater. If it is due to LG’s technology or just the fact that the screen is insanely great is difficult to determine.”
About M3M3 is a subsidiary of IDG, one of the world’s largest IT media and tech research companies.
Rated 5 Stars by HiFi Test“LG successfully brought a television absolutely superior on the market.”
About HiFi TestHiFi Test assesses and reviews television based on image quality, equipment, sound, functionality, and processing.
Rated 4.2 Stars by CNET Asia (Singapore)“Superb 4K clarity; bright and immersive 3D; excellent video-upscaling performance; powerful sound; competent smart TV system.”
About CNETCNET, launched in 1994, is one of the world’s leading tech sites with reviews for televisions evaluated based on performance, design, and features.
Received “High-End” Badge by Watt (Norway)“With real 4K material, you get a wow feeling that makes your jaw drop to your knees. The sharpness and details are on a level that you simply have to experience to believe!”
About WattWatt, an IT-focused magazine based in Norway, reviews and tests various electronics products. The “High-End” badge is awarded to products that deserve above and beyond the conventional 5-star rating.