A picture is worth a thousand words. As banal as this adage can be, it is hitting all the right notes.

In the last few days, you’ve likely encountered news regarding CES 2013. The gravity of the trade show or the excitement surrounding newly introduced devices, however, are hard to discern just through encounters with the usual compressed media news.

To offer a fuller scale and a better sense of what is going on at CES, LG has prepared a number of videos available to the readers of our blog. In this post, we will showcase the videos and what they are offering.

Want to know what LG is bringing for this year? LG’s press conference at CES provided a compressed outlook of the company and introduced some of newest products and one big news on OLED TV. See it yourself!

In giving you a comprehensive tour of LG’s booth at CES, we have prepared a simple recipe: a virtual tour post and a video below.

One of the most electrifying news during CES was the introduction of LG’s curved OLED TV. Whilst you have already seen images, reoccupy your dreams and imagination – this time via a live picture.

LG’s ‘regular’ OLED TVs also attracted a huge crowd during CES. Check it out including a detailed explanation on key features of the television from our own, Pete Hollenhorst.

A television that is more appealing in terms of affordability? How about LG’s Ultra HD TV? Its display resolutions are 4 times of regular ‘HD TVs.’ Here; take a look at our 84-inch Ultra HD TV. As the assistant in the video points out, it’s “huge!”

Wondered what happened to LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV? Just in case you forgot, LG has upped an overall viewing experience for consumers with refined lineup of LG CINEMA 3D Smart TVs in 2013. Let’s check out our newly designed TV.

Easier access to a plethora of contents with superior performance was one of the main pillars for the inception of the world’s first LG’s Smart TV with Google TV. While the television may be viewed as a niche-market focused product, it did not stop brining attraction at CES. The video showcases some of key features of the television.

As you may already know, LG also produces some of the finest surrounding systems in the world. The 9.1-channel home theater speaker system introduced in this video may be the best option for your newly purchased LG TVs.

Did we offer you with a better picture of what’s going on at CES 2013? By providing live pictures, we hope that you have more in-depth knowledge of some of the flagship LG products and have become familiar with CES scenes.