Day 4 – Dinner with SHINee in tuxedos


Another early morning! We woke up for hair styling and make up at 5am, and then had breakfast at 7am. By 8am, we were all on standby.

A wholesome breakfast.
Great company for breakfast.

The day started with a filming session on the porch with SHINee. While waiting, we shared some idle chat with them over coffee. It was lovely!

Having a morning chat with SHINee

After that, we got changed and gathered at the field to play SHINee Olympics. We played 3 games – basketball, ping-pong and jump rope. Jong Hyun’s team won the first round of basketball. In the second round, our team lost, so we had to write our names with our behinds, as punishment!

Let the SHINee Olympics begin!
Shooting hoops with SHINee

We almost cancelled ping-pong because nobody knew how to play it but in the end, we went ahead anyway. The rules were that the first team to get 11 points wins and our team won!

Winner gets the Korean dolls

The last game was jump rope and more people knew how to play this time. At first, Key’s team seemed to be winning but they changed the rules at the last round. One girl would partner with Jong Hyun and another with Key, and both sides would challenge each other to see who could jump rope the most times. So Key partnered with Jessy while Jong Hyun partnered with me. Halfway while jumping, Jong Hyun turned around to face me. Surprise! In the end, we won with 42 jumps. Key and Jessy only made 38 jumps. Overall, our team won because we won in both jump rope and ping-pong. And we each received Korean dolls in hanbok as our prize. Yay! After that, it was time to pack up and head back to Seoul. Then we changed into traditional clothing (hanbok) for more shooting and picture taking in a historic place, and later, at the Goguryeo Blacksmith Village.

Make up before the shoot.
Not so serious…
A little bit serious…
Not so serious!
Photo session at Black Smith Village.
Jong Hyun in traditional garb!
Group photo with Jong Hyun.

Soon it was evening. We went to a fancy restaurant in Seoul for a farewell dinner with SHINee. It was amazing. SHINee came in wearing tuxedos and gave each girl a bouquet of pink and white roses. We all sat down and reminisced about the fun things we did.

Farewell dinner with SHINee. Image: KBS World

Later, Minh from Vietnam entertained us with a traditional performance. And as a parting gift, SHINee gave each of us a necklace, which Key and Jong Hyun put on for each girl! Jong Hyun also sang a farewell song to us, while Key had prepared a letter in English for us.

Farewell gift from SHINee

After that, we ate some more and cut a cake, then it was our turn to pass SHINee some gifts and ask for their signatures. We chatted a little more and hugged before they left. The night wasn’t over yet! SHINee still had an interview with ASTRO and they talked about their upcoming performance in Malaysia. They gave a shout out to all their fans, and they were given baju melayuas gifts from their fan club in Malaysia. As I was leaving, Key walked me to the door and promised he would pass the gifts to the other members. After that, we each did our final individual interviews for the KBS show, where we said our last messages to SHINee and the other girls. There were a lot of tears during this time. Then it was back to the hotel, and some supper before we retired for the night at 1am!

Supper at the WaBar.
Yummm… awesome food.

Day 5 updates coming up next. Stay tuned!