Day 3 –  Full day of fun and games with SHINee


Last night we were briefed that we would meet SHINee this morning! (Exciting!!!) The day started even earlier today, with make up at 5.45am and breakfast at 7am. Then we were taken to a house to do some filming. We were told that SHINee would surprise us here.

We’re up at the crack of dawn.
Morning walk outside the Santa Maria Chalet.
Great view.
Café and shops.
Strike a pose!
Breakfast with the fabulous gals

Before that, we were shown a video message from SHINee and told to look inside the rooms where there were gifts waiting for us. But then, we were informed by the staff that SHINee’s arrival would be delayed by a few hours because they were caught in a jam. We felt a little disappointed… when suddenly, SHINee popped out from the side with a cake and started singing Happy Birthday to Mad, another one of the contest winners. After that, it was fun, fun, fun all the way. We started with an ice-breaker game so that we could remember each other’s names. Then a change of clothes and we went outdoors to play games. We played 3 games – throwing slippers game, catch a flag with an elephant trunk game and catching balls in ahjumma pants game. The winners got to spend special time with SHINee making sandwiches. While losers had to go on a mission.

Outdoor games with SHINee

Unfortunately, I had to play the mission where we had to answer questions at a check point. But I was the first to get the correct answer! So I went to the house and was greeted by SHINee. They let me eat a sandwich made by Key. After that, we played Jenga which I lost and had to receive punishment as a result. Some of the staff asked Jong Hyun and Key if they would take the punishment for me, and they said no! Hmmph! But then when I was ready, Jong Hyun covered me with his jacket and pillow, and everyone hit rather lightly. Then it was another change of clothes to get ready for water sports. We were going on a flying fish ride. We chose our partners by drawing cards, and I got Key. It was great because I got some alone time to talk with him but he was pretty scared during the whole ride. While I enjoyed myself!

Heading towards the pier.
Jong Hyun and Key were very sporting. Image: KBS World
We had such a great time together. Image: KBS World
This way, ladies… Image: KBS World
Flying fish ride was scary for Key. Image: KBS World

Dinner time was really awesome too because we had a barbeque dinner with SHINee, and they cooked for us. After dinner, we played a speed quiz game. Then we went back and changed into animal pajamas for a karaoke session with SHINee. We started the session singing SHINee’s new song “Sherlock”. Then we had a duet singing contest, and the ones who got the highest marks won LG prizes. Mad and Jessy won the game by a few points. Lucky gals!

After our karaoke session with SHINee

After that, we all went back for another short briefing and some sleep. Wow, I really had an awesome day!