Day 2 – Catwalk with K-pop singer NS Yoon Ji


The day starts early here for us in Korea because we have so much to do. I’m up at 6am and off to get my make up done by the staff at 6.45am. Then it’s breakfast with all the other winners before we go to the KBS building for a shooting session with K-pop singer NS Yoon Ji.

Can’t wait to meet SHINee

It was a shoot on cosmetics, held in Gangnam. During the shoot, we got the chance to have a short interview with NS Yoon Ji. She’s so pretty!

Shooting with K-pop singer NS Yoon Ji at Gangnam
Say ‘Cheese’!
I love my fans…
Group photo with NS Yoon Ji. She’s so sporting!

Then we breaked for lunch. Shooting really works up an appetite. After that, it was our turn to look pretty. We were bundled off to Irium for a hair and cosmetics makeover. I really liked my new look!

Lunch at Seven Springs with the gals.
Makeover session
How do we look?

When we were all ready, we were taken to the Fashion Runway Café for a catwalk and final shooting with NS Yoon Ji. After that, we all received presents and a letter from Yoon Ji =)

Fashion Café Runway – cool concept!
Waiting for the show to start.
Half runway, half café!

The day wasn’t over yet. We had to take a 2 hour bus ride from Seoul to our next destination, Gapyeong. When we reached, we were told there were surprises waiting for us in our hotel rooms. A crew followed us in to film our reactions. I was so excited. What was the surprise? As we stepped in, we burst out in laughter. The whole room was decorated with a sea of balloons. Not only that, there were gifts too.

Balloon party surprise at Santa Maria chalet!
How many balloons are there?
Even the bathtub was filled with balloons.

It was an amazing day but all things come to an end. And soon it was time to go to bed again. But before we turned in, we had one last briefing on the next day’s shooting. Show biz is hard work!


Watch this space for updates on Day 3…