Day 1 – SHINee contest winner arrives in Korea


Hi, all. This is Adiba and I recently came back from my trip to Korea, which I won from the World Date with SHINee contest. I had a blast! Want to know what happened while I was there? Well, here’s my day by day account of my experiences in Korea.

My buddies sending me off at the airport.

On the first day I arrived at Incheon International Airport at 7am. The KBS staff and camera crew greeted me at the gate. They took me out for breakfast and we had our first short shoot about how I felt (excited, of course!) and what I expected over the next 5 days. After that, I was taken to the hotel along with the winners from Thailand and Indonesia. We had a bit of time to do some touristy things, so we went for lunch and coffee, and then a walk in a beautiful park near the Han River, which was not far away from the hotel.

Checked in at Lexington Hotel
Lunch with my new friends in a Vietnamese Restaurant.
Modern-looking buildings in Korea
Trees come in red, yellow, orange and green in Korea.
Sight-seeing with the other winners.
Scenic landscapes within the city.

We went on board the Han River Cruise and did a little more shooting there. The weather was lovely with blue skies and white puffy clouds. The girls were really nice and friendly, and we had lots of funny moments together.

City skyline viewed from the boat.
Having fun while on the Han River Cruise.
You jump, I jump!

When the cruise was over, we headed back to the hotel and rested a while. And then, out we went again for dinner and this time, we met up with more winners from the UK, US, Philippines and Vietnam. About then, we received our cool LG Optimus VU phones and were given a quick tutorial on how to use it.

New friends and new LG mobile phones

After dinner, I got the chance to sneak away and meet up with my friend Loly for coffee. Lots of things to catch up but time flew and before I knew it, it was time to head back to the hotel. Anyway, I needed a full night’s rest for another busy day!

Coffee with old buddy, Loly


Watch this space for updates on Day 2…