More than 13 million views in less than three weeks. Covered as the latest video sensation by ABC NewsThe Huffington PostGizmodo, and others. Plus, one of the most watched videos on Bloomberg. You’ve also no doubt seen links to it on Facebook and Twitter.

And no, we’re not talking about Gangnam Style either.

Check out what we are talking about here.

It’s a prank clip created by an LG office in the Netherlands. The video captures people riding an elevator. What’s so special about it? The riders believe that the elevator they’ve stepped onto…has its floor panels dropping out one by one…leaving all on board scrambling not to fall.

Pretty thrilling, right? The prank was possible thanks to LG IPS7 series with its amazing ability to produce super lifelike colors for one realistic optical illusion.


A Closer Look at LG IPS7 Series…


Utilizing advanced IPS technology, LG IPS7 series delivers lifelike color representation and consistency across a wide viewing angle in 23” and 27” frame. The ability to project lifelike colors is also aided by the monitor’s narrow bezel which removes the visual distraction of a thick frame. In addition to its display qualities, LG IPS7’s Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) feature makes it easy to connect external devices like smartphones and tablets to the TV for viewing content on a larger screen.


Applauded by the Experts


LG’s additional IPS monitors have also received acclaim far and wide for how they’re advancing the monitor technology market.

For example, this past summer, PC Games Hardware placed LG IPS235P monitor as ‘Top-[Product]’ in its review of monitors as the best monitor for gaming. The prestigious CHIP Test & Kauf named the LG M2382D as best in the 22-to-23-inch monitor class, and also lauded LG IPS235P awarding it second place overall and best in the picture quality category.

With the experts in agreement, it’s clear that IPS is a great choice for your monitor needs. As the elevator prank helped show, the possibilities for LG IPS monitors are truly endless. We at LG are having a blast imagining all the different ways how, and hope you are too.