Are you ready for the Summer Olympics taking place from July 27 to August 12? For 17 days, you’ll have tons of options to watch swimming, tennis, badminton, handball, diving, fencing, basketball…you name it! Here’s the catch though.

This year…you can watch it all in the third dimension!

As the 2012 London Olympics is fast approaching, broadcasters are gearing up to make 2012 the most exciting Olympics ever. Last September at IFA in Berlin, the director of Olympic Broadcasting Services, Manolo Romero, announced that they had plans to distribute more than 10 hours of 3D Games footage every day. London’s 2012 Olympic Games will be the first Olympics to ever be broadcasted in 3D, marking a significant step in the history of broadcasting technology.

In addition to live streaming of every event, broadcasters such as NBC and BBC have announced plans to show the opening and closing ceremonies as well as nightly highlights from the games in 3D format for the first time ever. Oh how times have changed!

As you sit back and relax to watch the 2012 Olympics unfold, here’s what you should look forward to with the world’s first Olympics streaming live in 3D!

See the Queen in 3D at the Opening Ceremonies

Although much is still under wraps, the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics reportedly will include a parade of all the participating nations and the entrance of the Olympic Flame that ignites the Cauldron. Queen Elizabeth as well as the famous London based musical acts Duran Duran, Snow Patrol and 12,000 other performers are also scheduled to be on hand. With an LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV, you’ll be able to participate in all the festivities and celebrate the opening of the world’s premier sporting event in grand style.

Watch Any Game of Your Choice Come to Life in 3D

Unfortunately, as 3D live broadcasting is so new, this year it will be limited to 12 to 14 of the 26 Olympics sports, that is, if you don’t have a LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV.

LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV owners, you are in luck.

If you have a LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV, you can see any of the games, more real than ever, by converting 2D coverage into 3D using LG’s exclusive 2D to 3D feature. All it takes to convert 2D coverage into 3D is a simple click of the Magic Remote. You can switch back and forth between 2D and 3D by clicking the 3D button on your Magic Remote as shown in the picture below.

With the Olympics being displayed in 3D from your LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV, you no longer have to be in London, since watching the Olympics on TV feels closer than ever before.

Watch the Olympics the Smart Way

With so many different sports happening simultaneously, how do you not miss anything from this year’s Olympics? Just take advantage of LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV’s 2nd Display, one of the features included in the advanced Smart Share Plus, which lets you see the same content that is playing on your TV on a 2nd device like a smartphone or tablet. So, when other family members are watching the Olympics on a LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV in the living room, you can watch the same thing in a different room on your smartphone or tablet. Also when you grab a drink from the fridge or go for a quick break and you’re not in front of the TV screen, have the 2nd Display feature on so that you continue to get live streaming of the Olympics, no matter where you are in your home. With this feature, LG makes sure you won’t miss a second of the exciting action at this year’s Olympics.

In addition to being shown in 3D for the first time ever, another reason this year’s Olympics is special is that global viewers are more connected than ever before, thanks to SNS channels and advanced technology. Use your LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV to visit the official Facebook page of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games for up-to-the-minute updates.

People from all over the world can share their thoughts in real time as they watch the games unfold. LG’s CINEMA 3D Smart TV connects you to the global social universe through the Internet and Apps, such as Twitter and Facebook, so that you can share your feelings, instantly watch replays, and look up country score stats, all from a single device.

The ability to watch this year’s Olympics in 3D with LG’s CINEMA 3D Smart TV has gotten us excited. Are you ready?