You’ve been following the chase for nearly 5 minutes and you thought the agent would escape. But the counter is nearing the zero second mark and it’s inevitable now. He’s running faster but the scene goes into slow motion.

Two seconds go by in an inexorable ten, and then the car blows up in a mass of fire and percussive sound that flies out of the screen to where you sit, accompanied by shards of bent metal and broken glass, all sizzling as they hurtle through the air past your head. It’s not a miracle you don’t get hit, but it’s so good that you surely feel that way momentarily.

You’ve just experienced the power of 3D Sound Zooming on the new LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV.

To get the full effect of what you’re seeing in 3D, your speakers have to lock in on those shards of glass and place their sound precisely in the room where your mind tells you they should land.

It works with advanced algorithms, fully synchronizing the 3D sounds with the 3D images and taking everything to an entirely new level.

With LG’s 3D Sound Zooming, don’t just see it. HEAR the ball as it flies by you.

All new LG CINEMA 3D Smart TVs come with 3D Sound Zooming built in, combining with the other key features of the TV, such as the CINEMA SCREEN design and our highly innovative depth control feature, to give you truly immersive experiences.

There’s even something for all the audiophiles out there, looking to setup a state-of the-art 3D home theater. The LG CINEMA 3D Sound Blu-ray™ Home Theater, the BH9520, also comes with 3D Sound Zooming technology built in, and a whole lot more.

9.1 speakers of 3D sound magic!

What’s also amazing about the BH9520 is the 9.1 speaker system and how it works. Unlike conventional systems, the BH9520 has an additional set of 3D speakers on top. The main speakers project sound horizontally, while the 3D speakers shoot sound upwards, creating a perfect dome effect that envelops your ears in 3D sound. And that sound is even further perfected with our 3D surround processor, putting you in the center of the action wherever you are in your room.

It’s going to take your sound to the stratosphere and back. And if you ask us, your ears are worth it.