LG’s3D Game Festival has kicked off, attracting throngs of excited, energetic gamers from across the world. Already, 50,000 spectators gathered in Seoul last June for the inaugural festival. Since then, LG has taken the gaming festivities worldwide. The Festival has so far been held in over 20 countries, crossing continents and oceans to swing by, among others, Singapore,Chile, the United States, Russia,the United Arab Emirates and Germany.

LG’s 3D Game Festival usedthe first event in Seoul, Korea as a springboard for itsoverseas journey. The Seoulevent in late June saw 50,000 visitors show up to experience LG 3D gaming.
TheFestival features a LG booth, where visitors are encouraged to play 3D games onLG’s various 3D products, enabling visitors to experience first-hand LG’simmersive 3D world. Featured products spanned CINEMA 3D TVs, monitors, and projectorsto Optimus 3D smartphones and 3D sound-equipped home theater systems. Inparticular, with the Optimus 3D, gamers worldwide were able to experience LG’sown 2D to 3D game conversion engine.
Thetypes of venues selected for the Festival varied by country. In order toaccommodate larger crowds, shopping malls were chosen for Russia, Indiaand Chile.In order to give visitors a comfortable feel of how home entertainment shouldbe, Festival visitors in Dubaiinteracted with various LG 3D products in Living Room Video Game Cafes. In Brazil and Germany, LG opted for a road showformat, hoping to generate curiosity amongst the countries’ demandingconsumers.
‘Gamescom’ is the biggestgames and entertainment show in the world and was held in Colon, Germanyfrom Aug.17-21. At the show, LG opened a booth and provided the full 3D gamingexperience with its entire line-up of 3D products. Visitors were particularlyfond of the lightweight glasses that functioned with all LG 3D screens. 
AtGermany’sGamescom, the world’s largest gaming and entertainment exhibition, LG introducedan array of gaming and gaming-related devices which were used for 3D gamesproduced by the likes of Blizzard Entertainment. LG’s 3D products were alsohooked up to Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect.
InRussia, LG set up theFestival at Mega Khimki, one of the largest shopping malls in Moscow. Several celebrity Russian gamers andnational broadcasting companies took part in the Festival which featured agaming tournament called ‘1C SoftKlab.’ The glasses-free Optimus 3D proved tobe a big hit among Russian visitors, a top of the line smartphone that previewsthe future of larger screen 3D TVs.
Meanwhile,the Festival in Dubaihas been a pro-longed one. Having begun in late July, the Festival is expectedto culminate in the Mega Championship on January 6 of next year. Leading up tothe championship finale, LG will continue to host daily, weekly and monthlycontests in Dubai.The contest winners have been awarded prizes, which has certainly contributedto generating popularity. So far, t-shirts have been handed out at smallercontests, while some of the larger ones have awarded 42-inch CINEMA 3D TVs andother LG 3D products.
Celebrities andentertainers were invited to LG’s 3D Game Festival in Russia. Variousmedia events and performances demonstrated the potential that 3D could bring togaming. 
In Dubai, LG has jointly worked with ‘LivingRooms Video Games Cafés where users experience a true 3D gaming environment athome. The championships events have proven very popular, and organizers say thecity is gaining more interest in home 3D gaming. 
Overall,LG’s 3D Game Festival has served a meaningful purpose, exposing the latestindustry-leading 3D products and technologies to users. In addition to LG’simmersive display panels and dazzling 3D visuals, visitors across the worldwere able to witness LG’s attempts to make 3D more convenient, as evidenced inLG’s 3D glasses. Unlike the heavier battery-powered 3D glasses of other 3D TVmanufacturers, LG’s battery-free 3D glasses are far more comfortable to wear,enabling consumers to enjoy 3D entertainment for as long as they desire. Afterall, 3D is the next big thing in home entertainment, and it should be apleasant experience.