Abu Dhabi, the rich and vibrant capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has developed into one of the most attractive destinations in the region. With some of the most iconic examples of modern architecture in the world, it was no easy task for LG to choose just one venue for its CINEMA 3D launch in the Middle East and Africa market.

LG hoped to celebrate its latest 3D technology with as many of its partners, customers and members of the media as possible, but the event had to be something special, something memorable. In the end, there was only one choice – LG would take over Ferrari World Abu Dhabi for a day.
Ferrari World was the perfect venue to hold the LG CINEMA 3D extravaganza as the theme park itself epitomizes the statement ‘We bring sensations to people.’ (Source: CarScoop)
As the world’s largest indoor theme park, Ferrari World was clearly the right choice for LG to reaffirm its commitment to cutting-edge innovation. Bold and dramatic from an architectural standpoint, the red mega-structure is gracefully situated on Yas Island, also home to the Formula 1™ Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Both the building and the attractions inside reflect Ferrari’s brand values of passion, technical innovation and excellence, three values that LG itself is very familiar with.
And as if that weren’t enough, LG called upon one of Hollywood’s brightest young stars to help – ‘Transformers’ lead actress, Megan Fox.
(From left) Ki-wan Kim, President of LGE Middle East & Africa Region, actor Brian Austin Green of the Terminator TV series, and actress Megan Fox of Transformers fame take in LG’s CINEMA 3D at Ferrari World on Jun.06. (Source: LG Electronics)
Fox attended the launch with her husband, Brian Austin Green, perhaps best known for his roles in Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles and Desperate Housewives. With her stunning smile and chic style, Fox certainly had her fair share of admirers as she admired LG’s wares.
A series of CINEMA 3D experience zones were situated throughout the park to show off the system’s capabilities. The centerpiece was an epically big 500 inch LED 3D screen shipped in from Korea.
Megan Fox has a look at some of LG’s CINEMA 3D technology at the launching show inside Ferrari World, UAE. (Source: LG Electronics)
While Fox took in the impressive technical exhibitions, Green also showed an interest – as well as a quick sense of humor – when he remarked, “I’d watch [Megan] in 3D. It enhances the viewing.” After a quick laugh, he offered a few more insights. “I think what it would be great for is things like racing. I think sporting events would be amazing. Basketball, boxing.”
In the afternoon, the charismatic actress changed into a cream-colored dress and mingled with the other guests as well as the media, commenting on the extent to which 3D had become a part of her life.

“I have one CINEMA 3D in my bedroom. We have a step-son who is obviously going to be into 3D in every way. It’s a pretty impressive television. All of the apps it has are great. With YouTube and a web browser, it’s sort of an all-in-one home entertainment system, and you don’t have to have separate components. You hook it up and everything is there. It really is amazing.” 


Megan Fox introduces CINEMA 3D at the press conference with LG executives. (Source: LG Electronics)
The day was split into two sessions, with the morning devoted to a press conference where more than 150 journalists were introduced to the next generation CINEMA 3D TVs. In the evening, more than 3,500 invited guests were given entry into the park to enjoy the attractions and experience CINEMA 3D for themselves.
The morning press event saw media representatives from across the Middle East and Africa descend on Ferrari World for the CINEMA 3D unveiling. As a demonstrative tool, the journalists were encouraged to compare CINEMA 3D displays with existing technologies in side-by-side comparison zones that focused on both visual strengths as well as content management.


(From left) Kyung-hoon Byun, Executive Vice President of LGE HE Company, Megan Fox, and Ki-wan Kim, President of LGE Middle East & Africa Region watching 3D movies inside Ferrari World. (Source: LG Electronics)
Early in the evening, Fox returned once more to perform a ceremonial ribbon cutting to open the experience zones. The invited guests then had free rein to enjoy all the theme park attractions, including a wide array of interactive exhibitions demonstrating the full range of CINEMA 3D’s capabilities.
More than 3,500 guests were treated to a visual spectacle, only possible due to CINEMA 3D’s Flexible Viewing Positions and Wide Viewing Angle features which create the perfect viewing experience for large groups. Also, LG’s lightweight, comfortable and inexpensive glasses are seen as a step up from the inconveniences presented by shutter-style glasses, and CINEMA 3D’s compatibility with a wide range of preferred content has also garnered praise.
“LG is opening a new chapter in the development of world TV by bringing CINEMA 3D to consumers in the region. It represents the absolute pinnacle of 3D TV entertainment using the very best of recent innovative technology from LG,” said Mr. Ki-wan Kim, President of LG Electronics, Middle East & Africa Region.

As the largest launching event that LG has ever held, the entire celebration was a daunting undertaken inside of the world’s largest theme park. That it turned out to be a resounding success was seen by many as a reflection of the priority LG has placed on dominating the home 3D TV market.