On 5th May 2011, LG Electronics (LG) Malaysia announced the release of its CINEMA 3D TV range, a diverse line-up of TVs equipped with LG’s next generation CINEMA 3D technology. The 3D TVs combine the first “flicker free” 3D picture in the industry with comfortable, lightweight glasses, a brighter picture, more Flexible Viewing Positions and Wide Viewing Angle, making them the perfect sets for watching 3D with groups of family or friends.

Beside the Cinema 3D TV, the Smart TV range was also announced. With its simple Home Dashboard and Magic Motion Remote Control, LG’s Smart TV makes it easy to access a full array of premium online content, LG Apps and much more.
The day started out with the Media Launch that was held in the morning at the Sunway Pyramid Conventional Centre. A total of 74 media consisting of the Dailies, IT Magazine, Online Publications, Lifestyle Magazine as well as the broadcast attended the launch event.
Media trying out the glasses to view the 3D effect
Media were seated before the launch began
1st Speech of the day was given by Mr. HK KwonText Box: ▲ LW6500, LG Managing Director
2nd Speech was given by Mr Howard Lee, LG Vice President of LCD TV Asia Marketing Team
Justin Seng, HE Assistant Manager giving a presentation on Cinema 3D & Smart TV line-up
Cinema 3D and Smart TV Zone
There was a Cinema 3D and Smart TV Zone comprising of various booth that carries different core features of its TV. The media was able to test for themselves the LG Cinema 3D TV in comparison with the conventional 3D TV. Main features that were highlighted were:
Light and Comfortable Lightweight Glasses
LG’s CINEMA 3D glasses weigh only 16 grams – almost half the weight of conventional 3D glasses. Unlike conventional 3D glasses, you don’t have to worry about recharging your glasses. As LG’s CINEMA 3D glasses are battery-free, there are no harmful electromagnetic waves generated. Avoid the high cost of conventional 3D glasses, LG’s CINEMA 3D glasses are very affordable, so you can buy as many as you need to enjoy the 3D experience with family and friends.
Booth showcasing our Cinema 3D Glasses in comparison with Conventional 3D Glasses
LG Cinema Glasses only weighs 16 gram while the Conventional Glasses weigh 40 grams
Certified Flicker Free (Certified Flicker Free by Intertek & TUV)
No more dizziness, nausea or discomfort. LG CINEMA 3D TV technology eliminates flicker from glasses, allowing you to free indulge in 3D images for an extended time without dizziness or weariness.


Certified Flicker-Free Booth
Crosstalk Free
LG CINEMA 3D TV is crosstalk-free, giving you vivid 3D pictures for a viewing experience pleasant to your eyes.
Crosstalk Free Booth


Flexible Viewing Position / Wider Viewing Angle
LG’s CINEMA 3D give you the freedom to enjoy consistently clear and bright 3D pictures in any position. Unlike conventional 3D TV’s, LG’s CINEMA 3D enables you to lie down or lean back without any image blackout.
Flexible Viewing Position Booth
2D to 3D Conversion
No more worries about lack of 3D content. LG’s CINEMA 3D provides remarkably improved 2D to 3D conversion function which offers more realistic 3D images at any moment. Enjoy any 2D content in full dept of 3D images
2D to 3D Conversion Booth
Ultimate 3D Brightness
LG Cinema 3D TV provides brighter and clearer 3D images than conventional 3D TVs. Almost 2 times brighter.
Ultimate 3D Brightness Booth
Smart TV – Point.Click.Control
The easy use of LG Smart TV begins with its simple, uncluttered Home Dashboard. On a single screen with TV Live, Premium Content, LG Apps and Launcher Bar, LG’s Home Dashboard offers simple, intuitive access to Smart TV’s full range of entertainment options and an easy way to find whatever viewers want to watch.


LG Smart TV Booth
The media was then invited to take an exhibition tour around the Cinema 3D & Smart TV Zone with the guidance of our Home Entertainment Product team to give them a more in-dept overview of its features. After that, they had a Q&A session which allows them to voice out any queries that needed clarifications.
Media were taken on an exhibition tour with the guidance of LG’s Product Specialist
Q&A Session with the Media
Banjir Kim, (HE Senior Product Manager), KH Chee (LG Sales GM), HK Kwon (LG Managing Director), Howard Lee (LG Vice President of LCD TV Asia Marketing Team) & Joanne Foo (GM & Head of Marketing)


The event didn’t end there, there was another session during the night which were attended by LG’s dealers from various states to have a first look at our Cinema 3D and Smart TV line up. The night was packed with food, entertainment, speeches, lucky draws and most importantly to enable LG to mingle with their dealers.
Dealer with LG Staff
Dealers were seated before the event began
The night was filled with Entertainment: Live Sand Art, Singing and Stand up Comedy
There were also more singing and dancing to keep the dealers entertained
Lucky Draw Winners
The Night ended with a closing cheer by KH Chee (LG Sales GM), Banjir Kim, (HE Senior Product Manager), Howard Lee (LG Vice President of LCD TV Asia Marketing Team) & HK Kwon (LG Managing Director)
The very next day, LG Promoters, Merchandisers & Floor Salesmen were given a “workshop” to enable them to get to know the product better in terms of functionality and workability.
Malaysia’s Cinema 3D Line-ups are as follows:


At the top of the CINEMA 3D range is the LW6500, which boasts superb picture quality in 2D and 3D along with all the advantages of LG’s Smart TV technology. Via a simple Home Dashboard, LG’s Smart TV provides access to LG Apps and a range of premium content via top global providers as well as the best in locally sourced shows. Smart Share makes it easy to share content between the TV and digital devices, and MCI (Motion Clarity Index) 850 ensures super-fast screen processing for a silky smooth picture. Pricing and availability to be confirmed.


The LW5700 combines CINEMA 3D and Smart TV functions with a distinctive frame available in brown, purple or silver. In common with all LG’s top of the range 3D TVs, the LW5700 also packs Micro Pixel Control, which allows for more precise and efficient control of individual LED blocks behind the screen. Available now at the following recommended retail price:
55LW5700 RM12,999
47LW5700 RM6,999
42LW5700 RM4,599


For customers looking to enjoy a more competitively priced set focused on the CINEMA 3D experience, the LW4500 offers LG’s superb 3D picture along with a range of other high-tech features. Clear Voice II enhances speech to ensure viewers won’t miss a single line of dialogue, while AV Mode II optimizes picture and sound for cinema, sports and game content. Pricing and availability to be confirmed.
CINEMA 3D TV Specifications:
    • 3D TV (CINEMA 3D)


  • Flicker Free
  • Crosstalk Free
  • Light and Comfortable Glasses
  • 3D Light Boost
  • Flexible Viewing Positions / Wide Viewing Angle
  • 2D to 3D Conversion
  • Smart TV: Home Dashboard, Magic Motion Remote Control,
  • Smart Share, Premium Content, LG Apps and Web Browser (excluding LW4500)
  • LED Plus
  • Micro Pixel Control
  • MCI (Motion Clarity Index) 850 (LW6500), MCI 600 (LW5700), MCI 400
  • DLNA/ Wi-Fi
  • DivX Plus/HD
  • Smart Energy Saving
  • Clear Voice II
  • AV Mode II