In many countries, the arrival of March signals the beginning of spring – as if the new year itself has finally begun. For the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry, this March also meant new beginnings thanks to CLIMATIZACION, the twice-yearly tradeshow that is one of the highlights of the global HVAC industry. This year the event was held at Feria De Madrid, in the Spanish capital, from March 1 through 4.


Feria De Madrid, venue for this year’s CLIMATIZACION.

The HVAC industry covers all elements of air control in buildings – temperature, air cleaning, humidity, ventilation – which are crucial for vitalizing indoor environments. HVAC tradeshows are a locus for installers, building owners and consultants alike, so all the major players, including LG Daikin, Mitsubishi and Carrier, were in attendance at CLIMATIZACION to show off their latest technologies.


Inside CLIMATIZACION, one of the most important events in the HVAC industry.

Spain’s government is well known for its robust pro-environmental policies. With its “Green Home Plan,” unveiled in 2007, the Spanish government has been helping people make their old homes energy efficient. The country is a global leader in renewable energy, and its La Florida plant, which opened last year, is one of the largest solar power stations in the world. Madrid itself is also renowned as an eco-friendly city, making it the perfect venue for hosting the biggest HVAC tradeshow in the world

Spain’s La Florida is the world’s largest solar power station

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Built entirely from recycled materials, Madrid’s Air Tree is 100 percent self-sufficient in energy. Using photovoltaic cells, the Air Tree also produces a substantial amount of energy and oxygen for the city.


The Selgas Cano Architecture Office in Madrid, one of the world’s most eco-friendly office spaces.


Designed by German artist HA Schult, the Beach Garbage Hotel, an exhibit in Madrid, was opened up to visitors between January 19 and 23 of this year to show “how things could end up if we do not take care of our planet.”

Some 47,997 participants and visitors from 80 countries took part in the tradeshow, so the companies taking part pulled out all the stops to show off their most advanced eco-friendly and energy-efficient air conditioners.

Visitors at the LG booth listen to an LG representative talk about the company’s eco-friendly heating solutions.

LG was among the many companies in attendance at CLIMATIZACION, with a full display of its HVAC solutions at its “Mobius Strip” themed booth. With its long, single-sided loop conveying the notion of revitalizing the air, the Mobius strip symbolizes LG’s vision of “Vitalizing You and Your Environment.” The booth used simulations of real-life scenes to show its products in action, with backdrops taken from a house, an office and a hotel, among others.


LG’s “Mobius Strip” themed booth at CLIMATIZACION

At the booth’s Highlight Zone, visitors could experience LG’s enhanced commercial air conditioning system, the Multi V III. The Multi V III is an HVAC solution for high-rise buildings, boasting higher energy efficiency and a greater capacity in heating and cooling. Gaining excellent reviews when it was launched in Korea in 2010, the Multi V III will be a growing presence in Europe’s commercial air conditioning industry from this year.

The House Zone offered the chance to see just how eco-friendly hot water supplies and floor heating systems in homes can be. The display also included LG solar panels and the Therma V, an air to water heat pump known in Europe and around the world as a highly effective eco-friendly heating solution. Its core V2 Injection technology, which won an Innovation Award at the AHR Expo in Las Vegas this January, delivers consistent heating even in severe cold, making it ideal for Europe’s often bitter winter temperatures.

Set up to resemble hotel lobby and room, the Hotel Zone displayed LG’s LED lighting solutions, its newest green energy B2B business venture, and a selection of its air conditioning systems.


Earlier this year, signaling its move toward more integrated and comprehensive solutions, LG Air Conditioning (AC) Company changed its name to LG Air Conditioning & Energy Solution (AE) Company. With a broad range of indoor climate control products beyond HVAC appliances –including energy products and services such as solar and LED lighting – the company is embracing advanced, eco-friendly technology to help provide total building solutions that make our living environment more comfortable in a greener way.


Just like the Mobius Strip, air is endlessly circulating and returning to where it has been before. And for the five days of CLIMATIZACION, the world’s HVAC suppliers showed their awareness of keeping that air and our environment clean, and how they planned to circulate that message back around the whole world.