On the eve of the Oscars®, LG Electronics and sister company LG Display launched the next generation 3D TV technology, LG CINEMA 3D, at the star-studded awards ceremony honoring independent films on the Santa Monica beach near Los Angeles, California, USA. From back-stage celebrity interactions with LG CINEMA 3D to media integration with the famous Access Hollywood television show, the 2011 Independent Spirit Awards was an incredible event that positioned LG as the leader in the emerging 3D TV category.

From left to right, actresses Shelley Waggener, Lauren Sweetser and Dale Dickey, along with the event’s two hosts, marvel at an LG CINEMA 3D TV.

Hollywood celebrities including Ben Stiller, Samuel L. Jackson, Nicole Kidman, Jamie Fox and Jane Lynch were among the first to experience LG CINEMA 3D as they wore custom LG CINEMA 3D eyewear on the Spirit Awards Blue Carpet Saturday, February 26. Senior executives from LG Electronics and LG Display in Korea joined LG Electronics USA CEO Wayne Park to host top U.S. retailers and show the celebrities the amazing CINEMA 3D experience, preferred three-to-one by American consumers.

Ben Stiller dons LG CINEMA 3D TV glasses at the event.


Nicole Kidman poses for photographers.

With an LG CINEMA 3D TV in the background, a pregnant Natalie Portman takes some questions from the hosts.

Actress Kerry Washington shows her appreciation for LG CINEMA 3D and its lightweight glasses.
It was exciting to see the stars’ reaction to our 3D technology as nominees and presenters “Tuned in for Charity” on the Blue Carpet, to support Project: Involve, Film Independent’s signature diversity program. A new LG 3D Fellowship was established to educate the next generation of filmmakers about the ever-evolving technology. More than 1,400 attendees viewed a specially-produced two-minute 3D short during the awards program, which was broadcast on the Independent Film Channel. Backstage in the Official LG Cinema 3D Presenter Gift Lounge, celebrities and VIPs experienced the differences between LG CINEMA 3D and conventional 3D in a head-to-head viewing.

Samuel Jackson checks out LG’s CINEMA 3D.



Gerard Butler, star of the movie 300, takes a look around the LG CINEMA 3D lounge backstage at the 2011 Spirit Awards.
Celebrity guest host Sandra Oh kicked off the event and led the charity building efforts on the Spirit Awards’ Arrivals Carpet. Following the opening of the Arrivals Carpet, a host of celebrities including Anthony Mackie, Rainn Wilson, Aaron Eckhart, Mark Ruffalo and Kerry Washington “Tuned in for Charity” on the Arrivals Platform. On behalf of all the celebrities who interacted with new LG CINEMA 3D TV, LG donated USD 125,000 to the “LG CINEMA 3D/Film Independent Fellowship” and Project: Involve.

Sandra Oh cuts the red tape to kick off the fundraising event, which LG is running in conjunction with Film Independent (FIND) to nurture the next generation of movie directors.


Oh spots a pair of LG CINEMA 3D glasses as she promotes the fundraising event.
Following the ceremony, two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank and leading man Gerard Butler joined us at the LG-sponsored Voter Viewing Party for the Spirit Awards. Marking the official launch of LG CINEMA 3D technology in North America, the Spirit Awards showed how LG CINEMA 3D recreates the 3D movie theater viewing experience with lightweight, comfortable and reasonably priced eyewear, and delivers crisp bright images and a wide viewing angle. Many thanks to LG Display for their support of LG Electronics on this important milestone in 3D television history.

Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler enjoy the stunning 3D picture quality on LG’s new CINEMA 3D TVs.