I had a chance to get close & personal with the designer of the all-new & 4th installation LG flagship Black Label series, Mr. Kang-Heui Cha.

“The Chocolate phone is the first version of the Black Label Series and also a work of art that made it a benchmark among LG Electronics’ mobile phones. At a time when most mobile phone makers were focusing more and more on the technology, I was eager to create a genuine, design-driven device that was sophisticated yet discreet.”

LG is a company that continually challenges itself with new and innovative products. We are aiming for an organic “Tesign” (Technology + Design). Before we think of technology or design, we must first figure out what consumers need through consumer insight. By harmonizing new technology and design with this insight, we will be able to develop truly differentiated products.

DNA of Original Chocolate Today’s mobile phone display is getting larger to meet the demand of consumers who are demanding that their phones be full multimedia devices. Not only is the display size important, but a proper screen ratio for enjoying Internet and movies is also critical. As the trend is moving to touch phones, I would say that the range of what a designer can do is becoming somewhat narrow. I am always thinking of how to make the design simple, yet with a bigger display.

Experience Phone Theater In designing the New Chocolate, I predicted that the screen ratios of mobile phones would evolve from a 4:3 display to 16:9 wide format and then evolve into a cinema-like display with 21:9 aspect ratio. There are huge advantages we can get from this large display. Not only can we enjoy movies in full screen, but the phone also allows for a split screen so that we can enjoy internet browsing, games or music simultaneously.

Designed with Insight LG Electronics’ mobile phone designs all start with consumer insights. Consumer research is useful not only for improving popular products but to help introduce innovative products. And it is critically important to analyze results accurately. What consumers talk about is not as meaningful as their actual behavior. We have to find value from these behaviors and to read consumers’ minds. When function is combined with design, higher value is the result.

Harmony and Cooperation is the Key for Success It is not surprising to have obstacles in every project, however, harmony and cooperation is absolutely essential. Designers should be flexible and optimistic. A project will be successful if the team behaves like a family that aims for one goal, understands the core of their beliefs and are always there for each other. The 4th Black Label Series, LG Chocolate BL40 will be available in Malaysia this coming November 2009. Life’s Good!