LG TV Scores Big with Tips On Soccer Season Survival!

July 29, 2014

Couldn’t make it overseas for the big event? Need to share the TV command with your significant other (who’s not a fan of soccer)? Missed the golden goal moment because of an ill-timed bathroom break? LG has been heralded with praise and appreciation for solving all the problems mentioned above! How? Well… it’s a fact [...]

The Bright New Era of ULTRA HD TV Begins

June 12, 2014

At CES 2014, we presented the latest LG TV line-ups embodying the most advanced and innovative technologies developed by man thus far. As LG has a track record of being first to market with new technologies, the new product line-up of ULTRA HD TVs rose to that standard once more. Since the unveiling of the [...]

LG unveils new 2014 products line-up

May 7, 2014

On 7th May 2014, LG held a media launch for its new 2014 range of home entertainment and home appliances products under the theme of “With LG, It’s All Possible” at One World Hotel, Bandar Utama City Centre. LG showcased its latest line-up of OLED TV, ULTRA HD TVs and LED TVs. Winner of the [...]