Month: May 2015

LG’s OLED Technology Brings the Future of TV

May 30, 2015

Have you ever wondered why stars shine brightest in the darkest hour, or why theaters strive for pitch-black? If so, LG’s OLED lineup will give you the answer, since it shines even brighter this year with the latest OLED TV marvel. LG’s new OLED TV lineup, with self-lighting pixels, reaches the realm of pure black [...]

LG Ahead of the Curve with Art Slim Design Philosophy

Complementing LG’s remarkable OLED TV technology, the company’s sleek TV design combines function and style in order to bring you convenience and elegance at the same time. LG’s Art Slim design introduces you to a whole new level of viewing experience with its ultra-thin display and transparent stands that have earned numerous internationally recognized awards, [...]

Wallpaper OLED panel by LG Display makes its debut

May 20, 2015

LG Display unveiled its detachable Organic Light-emitting Diode (OLED) panel with the ability to stick to the wall, at a recent media event. The 55-inch wallpaper OLED panel was introduced as the company’s future display, with the company announcing that it would focus on the high-end display as a future growth engine. The new product [...]

Clothes Washing 101 – Taking That Load off Your Mind

Washing has been part of our daily routine, ages before plumbing and washer technologies were developed. Our ancestral mothers went through and mastered various methods of clothes washing. Today, with innovations and improved technologies, we are given that opportunity to take time off and spend it doing more valuable activities with our loved ones. LG [...]

It’s only a TV if it’s SUPER

The modern day television evolution took place in the 20th century and now it bridges to the 21st century. Consumers may have seen the glory days of the CRTs however it is close to obsolete. LCD TVs emerged as a replacement, but over the years discerning consumer wanted better picture delivery which led to the [...]

Save more by choosing the right refrigerator

Over the years, consumers have seen various refrigerators in the market. However, one that stands out from the rest is a refrigerator that maintains freshness of food and beverages and at the same time being cost efficient. The rising cost of living has been consumers’ primary concern. Consumers are being prudent and looking for smarter [...]


May 18, 2015

Malaysians will be treated to the latest and most advanced Home Entertainment and Home Appliance products by LG (L-R) Kong Mun Keen, General Manager Marketing LG Malaysia, David Oh, Managing Director LG Malaysia and Cho Changhee, Product Manager Home Entertainment. LG Electronics (LG) celebrated its 10th year in Malaysia by introducing its 2015 Home Entertainment and Home [...]


New Lineup Includes Company’s First Portable Music Flow Speaker for Seamless Music Experience Anywhere At the 2015 International CES® in Las Vegas, LG Electronics (LG) will showcase its new Music Flow Wi-Fi Series lineup for music and movie lovers worldwide. The lineup includes the company’s first battery-powered Wi-Fi Speaker (Model H4 Portable), advanced Wi-Fi Sound Bars [...]